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5 Pitfalls That Turn Sponsors Off – from the etouches-blog

This guest-post from Peter Poehle has appeared on the etouches-blog: The success of a majority of events depends on sponsorships. Yet it’s surprising how often event organizers make crucial mistakes in attracting sponsors. At SponsorMyEvent, we review dozens of upcoming events every day and many are sent back or are denied to be featured on the… Continue reading

Sponsorship as a Marketing Tool / Tutorials for Organizers

How To Measure Event Sponsorship ROI With These Real Tactics

Real Tactics You Can Use To Measure The ROI Of Event Sponsorship Event planners not only have to juggle logistics, attendees and venues, but organizers also have to convince sponsors that they will receive a reasonable return on their investment. This reward can have a monetary value but, more often, it’s measured by meeting objectives designed… Continue reading


Podcast: Sponsorship and Inbound Marketing

Welcome to our new series of podcasts. Enjoy listening. #1 Inbound Sponsorship: The way sponsorship is made today is changing fundamentally. Most of the time inbound marketing means writing blog-posts or doing other content driven online-activities. Sponsorship is usually considered as only being a part of outbound-marketing. We believe that this perception is fundamentally wrong. (you can also… Continue reading