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Know Your Sponsor (KYS) Part 1: ROI

This blog post appeared as a guest post on the etouches blog

Recently the marketing director of a company told me: “We’ve experimented with sponsorship opportunities in the past and haven’t found them to be the most effective strategy for reaching new supporters. While they certainly have let us reach some new customers, we’ve found that other avenues are more effective in this respect. In order to fulfill our primary mission more successfully, and given our relatively small size, we have to focus on being lean and efficient.
The interesting question is: what is the reason sponsorship failed for them as a successful marketing channel? I went on to ask them about how their sponsorship was executed and the answer didn’t come as a surprise: it was pure banner hanging and adding their logo on the event’s website homepage/publications. So whose fault is it that this company dropped out of sponsoring events? In this case, my answer is clear: it’s your fault, dear organizers!

Yes, organizers have an obligation to make sponsorship compelling and they shouldn’t dare come up with any outdated proposals sponsors no longer respond to. Today’s organizers need to understand the metrics sponsors are interested in and they need to make sure that the expectations of the sponsors are fulfilled.Everything starts with a simple statement: sponsors are companies and companies want to sell more. Therefore they are looking for solid ROI or, more often today, ROO (return on objectives) to measure the success of their sponsorship.

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