Events / Sponsorship as a Marketing Tool

Why Toutapp’s Choice To Forego Event Sponsorship Doesn’t Make Sense

Recently, Toutapp’s founder Tawheed Kader went public with his decision to nix event sponsorship in the name of ‘operational ruthlessness’. At SponsorMyEvent we’ve heard this sentiment echoed over and over again when talking to marketers who are concerned that they won’t derive positive ROI from event sponsorship spend. Kader articulates a valid concern which is… Continue reading


Podcast: Sponsorship and Inbound Marketing

Welcome to our new series of podcasts. Enjoy listening. #1 Inbound Sponsorship: The way sponsorship is made today is changing fundamentally. Most of the time inbound marketing means writing blog-posts or doing other content driven online-activities. Sponsorship is usually considered as only being a part of outbound-marketing. We believe that this perception is fundamentally wrong. (you can also… Continue reading


9 Ways to Travel the smart Way …

More and more of us travel for business purposes. Where flying is pure fun for holiday flyers, business people often see it as a necessary evil. There are some hints that can make flying more comfortable and relax. My recommendations are based on my personal experience (nope, I don’t get any money for the links…)… Continue reading