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Event-Organisation-Insights: Jacqui Brown from Panache Occasions

Jacqui Brown, London, is the publisher of the Panache-E-Magazine and an experienced event-organiser (just to cite one: Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant 2014).
She agreed to share some of her event-organization insights with SponsorMyEvent.com.

SME: How do you organize the Miss Caribbean in the UK in terms of marketing?
Jacqui Brown: We use media collaborations with radio  stations, magazine and newspapers companies. We also utilise flyers, posters and word of mouth.

SME: What role doe the social networks play in marketing your event?
Jacqui Brown: Social Networking forms a major part of our marketing efforts. We use social media to gauge the demand for our event and to get people talking about it.

SME: How do you finance such an event
Jacqui Brown: Sponsors are our first resource to finance our events. If we are unable to find sponsors then we try to form relevant collaborations to reduce the financial risks.

SME: What are the main difficulties to find sponsors
Jacqui Brown: The main difficulty we have found is not necessarily finding sponsors, it is speaking to the decision maker in the sponsor company. Sending a mail or calling the switchboard is rarely beneficial.

SME: Where do you see the benefits of using SponsorMyEvent.com?
Jacqui Brown: The main benefit we believe, is the fact that sponsors have a place that they can go to and easily distinguish the events that they like to sponsor, that these are events that fulfill their criteria for sponsoring.

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