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Marketers, This Is How To Choose Events To Sponsor

By Kathleen Smith / a couple of years ago

Marketers, Here’s How To Choose Events To Sponsor For many marketers, event sponsorship can be an overlooked channel. But for those marketers that have opened up their minds (and budgets) to the potential ROI that sponsorship can bring to their marketing programs, how do they spot the right events to sponsor? Look for event organizers […]


6 Reasons Why Event Sponsorship Is An Untapped Marketing Channel

By Kathleen Smith / a couple of years ago

There’s no doubt that brands believe in sponsorship on a mass scale. In their 2016 “What Sponsors Want” survey, IEG found that sponsorship spend is projected to continue its year-over-year growth with spending increasing 4.5 percent over 2015 to $60.2b in 2016. Yet despite the significant global spend on sponsorship, many marketers have a tough […]


Podcast: Sponsorship and Inbound Marketing

By Peter Poehle / a couple of years ago

Welcome to our new series of podcasts. Enjoy listening. #1 Inbound Sponsorship: The way sponsorship is made today is changing fundamentally. Most of the time inbound marketing means writing blog-posts or doing other content driven online-activities. Sponsorship is usually considered as only being a part of outbound-marketing. We believe that this perception is fundamentally wrong. (you can also […]