puppet wars

Gilman Brewing Company, Berkeley, California, United States
Sat, Nov 12 2022

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Gilman Brewing Company, Berkeley, California, United States Gilman Brewing Company, Berkeley, California, United States
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About our event

this event is an independent professional wrestling show, We are striving to put on family friendly events through out the bay area and have worked hard to bring to the community this event.  We have two more events planned in the near future and would love the opportunity to bring a different kind of entertainment to the community.  This event page will be updated as we get more set in place.  The flyer is being designed right now and will be added to this event as we draw closer to the event date,  

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We would like to show everyone that professional wrestling is more then just what it is percieved to be.  People look at professional wrestling and immediatly get a bad taste in there mouth because of what it has been in the past.  Pick the word Raunchy, over sexualized, full of cussing, etc.,   Wrestling has changed and can be a family friendly event and our aim is to prove this with our events. We are looking for sponsors who are willing to take a chance and help us change the perception of what professional wrestling is.




Sponsor a match, multiple mentions during show, social media endorsement, display your company banner during show.




multiple mentions on show, social media endorsement, sponsor a match

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my name is joseph Rodriguez, and i have been a professional wrestler for the better part of 16 years.  I have wrestled and trained guys and girls to do what they love.  I love the game we are in with this and I am looking to give back to all the guys and girls i have had a hand in training by giving them a platform to perform for all the fans.  Professional wrestling has been fun for me over the years and continues to be so and i want to do it as long as it continues to be fun.  I work at a regular job on the weekdays but on the weekend, i like so many others get to have a chance to be someone else and thats the best part.