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Chicago, Illinois, United States Chicago, Illinois, United States

  • About the event

    GFY: How to be unapologetically yourself, both personally & profressionally. 

    FEMISH was founded by a female attorney who was told to dress less feminine to be taken seriously. She thought that was archaic and decided to work for herself and research the issues of gender-policing and femmephobia. 

    This event will have speakers who have made their way despite others trying to regulate who they are either by industry standards or gender expectations, in an effort to educate and encourage others to not only accepts others as they are, but accept themselves for who they are, and say "to hell" with anyone who doesn't accept them.

    Issues such as tattoos, hair colors, piercings, fashion choices, life choices, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, race, all have and continue to play a role in what is seen as "professional" and trigger prejudgements in society. 

    We plan to have a dry event, with a fine line tattoo artist available for some small ink sessions.

    This event also involves giving our interns something fun to work on with experience in event planning and community organization. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    We are a new nonprofit, founded in Feb 2022, and we are the ONLY organization discussing how gender-policing and femmephobia limit feminism and perpetuate the patriarchy. This is the next wave of feminism. 

    We also work very closely with Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin, and feminist sociologist, author, professor out of Toronoto, CA, and an expert in the field of Femme Theory. 

    We are an inclusive organization that advocates for everyone's equality and acceptance in an intersectional feminist way. 

    Samantha Martin

    I am an attorney, and the Founder of The FEMISH Organization. I founded FEMISH last year, and since then have established regular internship relationships with colleges and graduate schools, have spoken to undergraduate classes, booked speaking engagements both in the US and Canada, launched a digital magazine that is viewed across the globe, made connections with other amazing people who support FEMISH such as Gretchen Carlson, and large social medua influencers, planned small events, created an amazing campaign that is about ot launch, organized a book club, and more.

    Our long term goals are to give FEMISH research awards, have our own research team, a lobbying arm, and enough funding to hire on help and create jobs for passionate people. 

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    10% Male Attendees

    90% Female Attendees

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