CFADD Family Conference 2024

Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States
Thu, Aug 22 - Sat, Aug 24 2024

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Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States
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About our event

Theme Suggestion: "Restoring Roots, Building Branches: Empowering Resilient Families"

  • Tagline: "Heal, Grow, Thrive – Together."
  • Description: This theme focuses on healing from past wounds, growing personal strengths, and thriving through the construction of resilient, God-centered families. It encourages a journey from individual healing to collective flourishing within the family unit.

This approach not only addresses the immediate needs of the attendees but also fosters a sustainable impact that extends beyond the conference, helping them to visualize and work towards the healthy relationships and successful marriages they desire.

For the Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions 4th annual family conference, creating a theme that encapsulates the dual focus of your tracks while appealing to a broad audience is crucial. The theme should resonate with the core values of faith, hope, love, and practical solutions, emphasizing the importance of strong family dynamics and individual roles within the family. Here are some suggestions for your conference theme, along with ideas for structuring the two tracks:

This theme highlights the dual focus of the conference: laying strong foundations for family ministry and strengthening the individual pillars (men, women, and parents) that uphold the family structure. It suggests both construction and support, appealing to attendees who are looking to build from the ground up or reinforce their existing family dynamics.

Track 1: Advocating for Family Ministry and the Benefits of Strong Marriages

Sub-theme: "United We Stand: Strengthening Society through Family Bonds"

This track focus on the broader societal impacts of strong families and the theological underpinnings that make family ministry a cornerstone of Christian life. Sessions can include:

Keynote: "The Blueprint of Blessed Families" - Exploring biblical principles that advocate for strong familial relationships and how these principles can be applied today.

Workshop: "Marriage as Ministry: Cultivating Covenant Commitments"- Offering tools and strategies for couples to strengthen their marital bonds and understand marriage as a form of ministry that benefits the entire community.

Panel Discussion: "The Ripple Effect: How Strong Families Benefit Society” - Featuring experts discussing the social, economic, and spiritual benefits of robust family units.

Track 2: Building and Rebuilding the Family

Sub-theme: "Restoring and Fortifying: The Role of Every Family Member"

This track focuses on the individual roles within the family, offering practical advice and spiritual guidance for personal growth and familial harmony. Sessions can include:


Workshop: "Parenting with Purpose: Strategies for Faith-Filled Homes" - Providing parents with resources and techniques to raise children in a faith-centered environment.

Seminar: "Men and Women of Faith: Roles and Responsibilities"- Exploring gender-specific challenges and opportunities within the Christian context, encouraging personal development and mutual support in marriage.

Interactive Session: "Healing and Hope: Overcoming Family Strife through Forgiveness and Love" - Guided activities and discussions on resolving conflicts, healing from past hurts, and building a supportive family environment.

Additional Elements to Enhance the Conference Experience:

Prayer and Reflection Zones: Designated areas for attendees to pray, meditate, and seek personal reflection amidst the busyness of the conference.

Testimonials and Stories of Hope: Real-life stories from families who have overcome significant challenges through faith and community support.

Resource Fair: Booths and stands featuring books, counseling services, family ministry tools, and other resources that can help attendees implement what they learn at the conference.

By framing our conference with these themes and tracks, you aim to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and spiritually enriching experience that equips attendees with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to strengthen their families and communities.


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Since its founding, Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions (CFADD) has achieved several significant milestones:

  1. National Expansion and Local Impact: CFADD has successfully expanded to 11 chapters in three years, indicating a robust growth in its reach and impact across communities.
  2. Headquarters Establishment: The establishment of the Family Success Center as CFADD's headquarters, located in Spartanburg, SC, has provided a central location for coordinating its activities and programs.
  3. Development of Educational Programs: The Eagle’s Nest Institute, part of CFADD, offers a variety of courses aimed at family rebuilding, advocating a biblical worldview, and certification for advocates, enhancing the educational aspect of CFADD's mission.
  4. Annual Conferences and Events: CFADD organizes annual conferences and community events which serve to educate, empower, and engage communities in supporting family values based on biblical principles.
  5. Leadership and Team Expansion: The organization has built a diverse team with expertise in areas such as fundraising, nonprofit administration, human resources, IT, finance, communications, marketing, and more. This team supports the wide range of CFADD’s initiatives.
  6. Program Launches: Various programs like Mom’s on Mission, Dad’s at Duty, and college clubs have been launched, focusing on different demographic groups to strengthen family values and counter societal issues.
  7. Engagement in Advocacy: CFADD actively engages in advocacy, focusing on issues like parental rights, the significance of gender roles, the impact of pornography, the sanctity of life regarding abortion, and promoting sex education aligned with biblical perspectives.
  8. Resource Provision: The organization has developed and distributed resources that aid parents, pastors, community leaders, and influencers in strengthening their families and communities.

These milestones reflect CFADD's dedication to its mission of building strong families and lasting legacies through a God-first lifestyle and a Biblical worldview.



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Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions mission is to influence the building and sustaining of strong families and strong generational heritages by promoting a biblical worldview and a God first lifestyle. All of the pain, grief, sorrow and sin in the world is the result of just one wrong decision. Every day we make hundreds of decisions that determine what we say and do. CFADD seeks to educate the public of the benefits and consequences of decisions that affect them and their loved ones, and to provide resources, strategies, and principles that would aid them in making good sound decisions. For no good action can be taken unless it is preceded by a good decision, and each good decision is an investment in a great future.

Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions strives:

  • To combat misinformation and ignorance that effects our families negatively.
  • To assure all children have dedicated mothers and fathers to protect, nurture and guide their development toward their adulthood.
  • To combat all cultural ideologies and/or behavior that disrupts the nuclear family.
  • To reduce the result of media violence against the family.
  • To promote equality and justice for all babies conceived in the womb.
  • To promote abstinence and monogamy after marriage.
  • To enhance the desirability of marriage and family life.

Only by restoring the biblical foundations of the home, can the church and society flourish. Our journey together to restore the foundations of the families and repair the breaches has begun. (Isa 58.12) Through CFADD, you may become a part of the revival of biblical family values. Together we will see the heart of the fathers turn to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers and an end to the curse of fatherlessness in the Earth (Malachi 4:6).

Apostle Tommy E. Quick

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