Sat, Mar 07 2020

Well Made Woman Event,

Edison, New Jersey, United States Edison, New Jersey, United States

  • About the event

     The goal of the Well Made Woman is to help women become the BEST, most confident and fulfilled version of themselves so that they can live their BEST life.


    This event offers precious time for women to intentionally focus on themselves and develop the skills they need in order to create an abundant, joy-filled, and satisfying life they really want.


    The GOALS of the Event are to help attendees


    **Rediscover what brings them joy so their life is not driven by the opinions and needs of other people


    **Grow in self-confidence to rise above the limiting beliefs that keep them from getting farther ahead


    **Receive tools to become consistent in the positive habits they start yet have trouble maintaining


    **Master the skills to turn overwhelming goals into bite-sized steps that position them for success


    **Learn how to flourish in their unique journey and stop comparing themselves to others


    **Cultivate courage to pursue their REAL passions so they finally answer that tug on their heart


    This event will attract an audience of dual income, African American women ages 35-55 who are mothers and highly educated professionals. 


    This Event will feature speakers on the topics of 

    • Health/Weight Loss
    • Parenting
    • Marriage
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Money Management
    • Business/Career

    Why should you sponsor?

    This is a life-changing event. I'm delighted to share all of the traditional benefits including exposure, access to ideal clients, and marketing opportunities as detailed in the sponsorship package. 

    I've been hosting life and marriage empowerment events for 4 years and have conduted15 events with nearly 300 attendees. My audience is extremely loyal and often become consumers and customers of the products of my sponsors and vendors.

    Previous sponsors have included:

    • Bloomingdales
    • Shea Moisure
    • First Line Brands 
    • Stella and Dot
    • Mighty Meals
    • Financial Planning Services
    • Health and Wellness Businesses 


    But truly, you will want to sponsor this event because it provides an opportunity to be part of one of the most meaningful experiences these women will ever have. As a community, African Americans were not exposed to personal development and it's an area where our counterparts are far exeeding us. We are a community with so many past traumas and limiting beliefs for what's possible in our lives. As a community of women who have faith and believe in God, we are living below what has been promised to us.

    This event is about elevating ourselves, our dreams, and our abilities. This event is my passion and I dream about it every single day asking the question, "how can I make this the most transformational, and unforgettable experience for every single woman that walks through the door?" I want sponsors who are hungry to use their financial resourcs to support a cause, a movement, and a life-altering experience for a community of women who don't yet understand it's value.

    I would like to keep ticket prices low so more people can access the event, and at the same time I want to offer them an experience that feels like a million dollars. Your sponsorship will enable them to experience what it's like to invest in themselves and take action towards a life they love. 

    Chavonne Perotte

    I am Dr. Chavonne.

    I am passionate about helping women create a life that lights them up inside.

    By training, I am a social scientiest and 5 years ago, I started my company, RelateAble out of a desire to share life-coaching tools and principals with everyone I know.

    I focus a lot of my time and energy helping women and couples in the area of marriage. From that work, I see how much internal shifts and transformations need to happen within the individual. 

    I have been doing events for over fifteen years. It started as a passion, that turned into a hobby, and now is my business. I am a mighty team of one, and am working to create a sustainable financial foundation to grow my work.

    My events have a attracted a dedicated following of women who invite their friends and come back again and again.

    I am a top-notch professional who is committed to meeting the needs of my audience. 

    I am committed to helping you reach your goals. I know investing in an event is a risky situation and my heart is so committed to making this a win-win situation for everyone. This event  will be an annual event that will only grow bigger and better each year, having a tremendous impact on the women how attend. 

    I'd love for you to be my partner in creating that.


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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    0% Male Attendees

    100% Female Attendees

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