UJay Premiere

Miami, Florida, United States
Sat, May 15 - Sun, May 16 2021

Sponsorship Pitch

Miami, Florida, United States Miami, Florida, United States
#Music  #Pop  #Concert

About our event

What is UJay?

UJay enables DJs to tap into the power of music, people and fun social settings to create memorable connections with your brand.

The groundbreaking UJay System elegantly and effortlessly allows attendees of bars, clubs, and party venues to send free song requests to DJs, ask for shoutouts, and more. Sponsoring UJay events aligns your brand with everyone's good time.

Why DJs?

DJs are the only people at the club with microphones and speakers. They command the attention of hundreds of people at once and influence their actions.

By leveraging DJs, The UJay System offers an effective solution to promote your brand and attract customers.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Attendees of our events are eager to send free song requests and get shoutouts from the DJ. And UJay has made easier than ever before. We tap directly into the crowd's core desire that's sure to heighten their fun - good music. UJay is extremely easy to use and entirely free for everyone.

We will promote it heavily with DJ shoutouts and by handing out cards with QR codes that take attendees directly into UJay. This guarantees stunning visibility during the event.

You as a sponsor are privileged to be part of a world premiere. Attendees will not only notice your name but directly link it to a fun and satisfying experience.



Premium Playlist Sponsor

Get the best visibility by being the main sponsor. Your brand will be highlighted on several occasions: - on top of the playlists - inside the song-lists - on the ticker - on the commemorative playlist sent to attendees after the event *See PDF for screenshots



Tip Sponsor

You'll be associated with the good feeling of having tipped the DJ. Users tip the DJ in the form of buying the DJ a drink or some type of gift. As the tip sponsor, you can choose the items that can be bought for the DJ. *See PDF for screenshots



Song Sponsor

Your song brand will be highlighted on the list of song options and promoted the ticker. *See PDF for screenshots



Gift Sponsor

Promote your brand through vouchers: as soon as an attendee has requested 5 songs, they will receive a voucher from your brand that can be redeemed via sms and getting in touch with you. *See PDF for screenshots

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We are an entertainment software company aiming to enhance party goer's experience through music and engagement with relevant brands.

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