Sat, Sep 07 2024

The San Antonio Revival,

San Antonio, Texas, United States San Antonio, Texas, United States
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    As a Christian ministry, I recognize that in these difficult financial times we must all work to balance the budget and get our personal affairs in order. However, I must register my concern with the city of San Antonio's Alamodome. I plan to host The San Antonio Revival which will draw over 60,000 people at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, September 2024 presented by The Lamb Ministries. We are confident that San Antonio, Texas, is about to see its best days ever.
    The San Antonio Revival will change the world. More than 150,000 pounds of marijuana were trafficked into the US in 2023. A little over 81,000 pounds of cocaine, over 140,000 pounds of methamphetamine, and over 71,000 pounds of other substances were found. An official 11.5 percent of the population, or 37.9 million people, lived in poverty in 2022. In 2022, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimated that 582,000 Americans were homeless. According to preliminary data, as of the end of 2022, there were 1,230,100 prisoners in the United States; over 44 million Americans experience hunger; over 49,000 people committed suicide; and in 2023, 29.0% of Americans reported having received a diagnosis of depression at some point in their lives, with 17.8% reporting that they are currently experiencing depression, and over 115,000 victims of human trafficking were found worldwide in 2022.
    This revival will cause the world to experience love, help drug addicts overcome their addiction, help the bereaved overcome their depression, help the jailed and lawbreakers overcome their criminal activity, and help the city of San Antonio live in peace and harmony and maintain a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

    Steve Zito, General Manager of the Alamodome, released a statement on January 30, 2024, requesting payment of $1,000,000 from me as soon as possible for a one-night event for The San Antonio Revival, which I could never afford. Many will find hope in your world-changing decision by your donation for The San Antonio Revival to be held at the Alamodome stadium. We're hoping that your enthusiasm for San Antonio's renaissance will be enough to draw you in.

    In the 1980s, God gave a San Antonio Pastor a vision. In the vision, He saw himself preaching on a stage to a multitude of people in an open field, and on the night of August 11, 2022, God gave me a vision while in Los Angeles, California. In the vision, I saw myself preaching on a stage in a packed stadium. The vision was beyond my comprehension. The following day, God
    revealed to me to plan a revival. I traveled to San Antonio in order to ready myself monetarily and spiritually for The LA Revival, which is scheduled for mid-2025. I went to a former church I used to attend. While there, I started sharing with that Pastor my vision of The LA Revival, which inspired him to share with me the vision that God had given him. I believe the vision that God gave to that Pastor, and I also believe the vision that God gave me. I believe God is preparing His people for the future and desiring for them to be revitalized.

    This revival will be the biggest revival that San Antonio has ever seen!

    We are hoping that your interest in San Antonio’s revival will be a sufficient incentive for you to Sponsor this charitable event.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Prepare to enter this new chapter in San Antonio’s destiny as we extend an invitation for you to be our Sponsor of The San Antonio Revival and be a part of this historic occasion at The San Antonio Revival! For this event, we are anticipating collaborating with hundreds of San Antonio pastors, San Antonio churches, nonprofits, Texas magazines, San Antonio Athletes, San Antonio sports teams, San Antonio restaurants, Texas zoos, Texas amusement parks, San Antonio foundations, San Antonio sports mascots, San Antonio news, and newspapers, the mayor of San Antonio, city council members, Senator Donna Campbell, Texas House Representative John Lujan, Dr. Amanda Gonzales, and members of National Historic Park San Antonio Missions!

    Let's work together to transform San Antonio and give thousands of people hope. Through this powerful San Antonio revival, we hope to help everyone discover and experience love, users overcome drug addiction, the heartbroken overcome depression, the incarcerated and violators overcome criminal activity, and the city of San Antonio to live in peace and harmony through love and a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

    We expect an attendance of about 100,000.

    Lee Michael

    The doctor informed Lee's parents that he would be born mentally challenged. His mother and father agreed when the doctor suggested abortion. A woman was crying as his mother waited in the lobby to have the abortion. His mother asked the woman why she was crying. She replied, "I had an abortion." After saying this Lee's mother begins to tell the woman that Lee would be born with mental disabilities, so that is what she is forced to do. The woman replies, "No you must have your son." After saying this Lee's mother is called by the doctor. His mother looking at the doctor is asked, "Lucy are you ready?" Turning around, Lee's mother sees the lady, who is now gone. Lee's mother declares, "No. I'm going to have my son." 


    Lee Michael was born January 8th, 1987, in San Antonio, Texas where he was raised by his parents. His father physically and mentally abused him. His siblings bullied and resented him. The school he went to was the worst in San Antonio, Texas and he was always getting into trouble. His parents sent him to live on the streets when he was 15, and Lee soon started learning about his family's secret roots in the Mexican Mafia from his older cousin who was a member. A Bandido gang member held a knife to Lee's throat when he was living on the streets for breaking into his friend's car. In his entire life, Lee had never sincerely prayed. Lee prayed that if God existed and if he was to become important one day, God would allow him to live. The Bandido spared his life. Lee developed a drug and alcohol addiction, and one night he attempted suicide by taking an excessive amount of Coricidin diluted with alcohol. If Lee was destined for Hell, he pleaded with God to send him right then. Lee survived poisoning himself.  At 16 Lee overdosed on drugs at his friend's house. Finding his friend's gun underneath his bed, Lee held it to his own head and tried to pull the trigger, until his friend intervened. At the age of 21 Lee's father tried to kill Lee's mother after learning she was having an affair, which led to their divorce. At the age of 22, Lee's closest friend was brutally shot to death and left for dead in a parking lot. His other childhood close friend, a high-ranking Mexican Mafia member, was sent to prison for involvement in two murders. Lee believed his ex-girlfriend to be his soul mate until a freak vehicle accident resulted in her beheading. By the time Lee was 27, a well-known Latin singer approached him and advised him that he needed to sell his soul to the Devil if he wanted to succeed in the music industry. As a result, Lee began to worship the Devil and would converse to the Devil. Lee rose to prominence in San Antonio's party scene and was widely recognized as the party's most popular guest. One night Lee experienced revelation that led him to choose to follow God.


    Lee now is an up-and-coming influential figure in Contemporary popular music, books, and clothing. Lee has four popular music singles where he tells his testimony of his spiritual journey leading up to when God found him. Lee is also the Author of a Christian horror/suspense/drama/crime book titled, "Redemption." Lee is seeking "Redemption" to be adapted into a film, television series, miniseries, and comic book. Lee is also a fashion designer and is most associated with introducing high religious fashion to the Gen Z world and Jesus Movement culture in general.
    Lee Michael is now the Evangelist and Founder of The Lamb Mini

    The Lamb Ministries is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) street ministry passionate and committed to bringing the love and hope of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, to hopeless circumstances through preaching the Gospel, a command that drives this ministry. We are doing all we can to bring hope to the world through Jesus Christ, the Head, the Holy Spirit the comforter, and the Father. Our focus is the Great Commission, and we want to save souls through the salvation of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to change the world. With our bold vision, committed organization, and like-minded partners, we seek to advance the kingdom and expand impact like never before.

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