Sat, Nov 02 2019

The Path To Success,

Holiday Inn Birmingham M6, Jct.7, England, United Kingdom Holiday Inn Birmingham M6, Jct.7, England, United Kingdom

  • About the event

    This is a leadership and self development program for teens, aged 14-16 who are about to embark on their GCSE journey. The Path To Success Program empowers students to understand who they are as a lifelong learners in terms of career and being an integral part of their communities.

    The GCSE curriculum does not allow time for these essential skills to be taught in the classroom but we all know that in today’s world these skills are essential to the growth and wellbeing of our society.

    Each student participating in the program will discover more about their capabilities and careers through;

    • DISC and other models
    • Time management tools
    • Wellbeing activities
    • Team building activities
    • Successful Goal Setting

    While there is truth in the fact that some things need to be taught there is even more evidence that learning needs to be experienced. When Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge, he wasn’t implying that you don’t need knowledge; what he meant was, knowledge stays dormant if you cannot use your imagination to bring that knowledge to life.

    That is the intention of this program; to bring that knowledge to life. This program will encourage students to create their success journey by expanding their learning experiences with the enthusiasm and energy needed to fulfil their purpose with passion and perseverance.

    The Path to Success is exactly that, a path, not a leap, jump or sprint. It is a journey made up of many destinations.

    Why should you sponsor?

    If you are a company looking to make big changes in your community then this is the opportunity for you. It's time to build stronger relationships by investing in your local youth community, after all they are the workforce of tomorrow.

    Your company can be part of the solution for creating innovative future employees. So instead of being frustrated about the lack of quality candidates out there, do your part and be a positive influence on young people today.

    We want to help you do just that. Your sponsorship will give our students the chance to access leadership training and mentoring skills that are simply not available in the national curriculum yet, we know that this is desperately needed in today's business market.

    Just think of the impact your company could make in your community and in the lives of young people within that community.

    Olive Pellington

    As founder of OVP Coaching I am genuinely enthusiastic about encouraging people to live life on purpose, grasp opportunities and embrace the responsibility to have the life they want to live.

    Living life on purpose is what drives me. I am a strong believer in the fact that every encounter we have has a lesson built into it. If we can harness the learning and apply it to future interactions, growth is inevitable. Just like the common cold, it is scientifically impossible to catch the same cold twice. Life shows us that although the symptoms may resemble one another the lessons to be learned from each incident is unique. We are therefore successful when we allow ourselves to apply the learning with enthusiasm, on an energy level that is synchronous with our purpose. That is what leads us to persevere despite the odds and live a life of passion.

    The inspiration for these books comes from my personal learning journey with students I have had the privilege of working with. Understanding their needs, aspirations and helping them remove their roadblocks encouraged me to help even more students of all ages. Today I am delighted to say and say with gratitude that through OVP Coaching and partners, I am able to reach out many more students through writing, speaking, coaching and mentoring.

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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3 available packages from £300 to £5000

In Kind

We are looking for prizes for our hardworking and forward thinking students. Appropriate prizes would include but are not limited to quality light fitness equipment and water bottles, theme park and activity tickets, family days out, museum/attraction tickets, work experience placements etc. You will get social media shout outs on OVP Coaching Instagram, Facebook and twitter pages and promotional emails/letters to schools and parents, product placement in media shots and blog post thanking you for your contribution which will include company photo and/or logo.

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This is your chance to pay it forward. Your donation will pay for 1 student to attend and participate in the The Path To Success Program which will have a lasting effect on their future. Your donation could make the difference between a pass and a fail, between self-esteem and depression. The isn't just another tick in the box course. This is a meaningful opportunity that has the potential to change a child's life for the better. In return you will receive a thank you letter/postcard from your sponsee letting you know how you have made difference in their lives. You will also receive a special thanks you and updates about the impact of the program through our newsletters.

10 available

Gold Package

We are looking for 3 main sponsors for this event. You will receive exclusive social media video mentions with your logo and audio message to students on the OVP Coaching Instagram, Facebook, twitter and web pages. We will also place your logo in all promotional emails/letters/flyers to schools and parents and a dedicated blog post written for your company thanking you for your contribution which will be posted after the event on our website including company photo and/or logo. You will also receive 2 free places at the events for the children (aged 14-16) of your employees.

3 available

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