Fri, May 22 - Sat, May 23 2020

The Festival Palacio,

Dallas, Texas, United States Dallas, Texas, United States

  • About the event

    The Festival Palacio* is the love child of film and music, where art takes precedence over everything. It is created by Doozy, a film production company that was created by four college students with a dream. Each one of the students come from humble beginnings and want to make a name for themselves and their families, beginning with The Festival Palacio. Doozy has created numerous music videos, promos, and crazy edits with so much more in store for the upcoming year. However, The Festival Palacio has been a long thought out idea that is absolutely coming into fruition with the support of the community! There will be DJs, headliners, performers, artists, and everything in between to showcase their passion. Doozy will exhibit never before seen footage as well! Everything is to be built off of hard work, determination, and communication. At the end of The Festival Palacio, everyone will be sure to enjoy the view.

    *name subject to change

    Why should you sponsor?

    The media community is lacking the input of various forms of art, particularly from minorities. There has to exist a safe space where art can be experienced and that can be at The Festival Palacio, with the aid of sponsors. This is being constructed by a four person group of college students that have shaped the rest of their lives around this company, Doozy, and the event. The dream is to have this as an annual event so that it becomes a staple in the community. Everyone a part of this has the main focus of making that dream come true. Sponsoring this event would add to the community as a whole, elevate artists, and contribute to a positive reputation of whomever sponsors.

    Ashley Mason

    I am the Executive Producer at Doozy, so I handle a majority of the small details and the entire production process. I continually work with my aunt, who is an event planner, since I was a teenager so I specialize in events. My drive has no limit, and I know my business partners well enough to speak on their behalf to say that they do not either. Every single piece of this company has come from work and sacrifice. We are not privy to the luxuries of some college students where their major has a job waiting for them so they can party 24/7. As a group made up of African Americans and Hispanics, in a field where jobs are slim picking, we understand that nothing will be promised. That is the reason this event has to take place, we are proving our choice to pursue this company not only to everyone else but to ourselves too.

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

    44% Male Attendees

    56% Female Attendees

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