Fri, Jun 21 - Sun, Jun 30 2024

The Equanimity Festival,

Salhouse Broad, Salhouse, England, United Kingdom Salhouse Broad, Salhouse, England, United Kingdom

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    Transforming the retreat and festival mindset by redefining the purpose of a retreat. Instead of viewing it as an escape from daily life, we envision a shift towards utilising this time for self-reflection, evaluating our current situations, habits, and practices. Our vision is to cultivate a realistic perspective on how we can seamlessly integrate these insights into our lives after the retreat experience.

    In this new approach to living, where the exploration of diverse well-being practices can be overwhelming, we aim to provide our guests with the opportunity to navigate this journey with ease. Through the expertise of a thoughtfully curated group of practitioners, we offer our guests the time they need to reset, assess their current state, and make incremental changes. Whether big or small, these adjustments are designed to enhance and positively impact their everyday lives.

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    Sponsoring our event provides a unique opportunity to connect with a highly targeted audience aligned with your brand. Our attendees are actively engaged in areas related to the wellness industry, offering a direct channel to showcase your products or services to a receptive market.


    Your brand will gain significant visibility and recognition through our event's marketing channels, including social media, press releases, and on-site branding. This exposure extends to both our on-site and virtual audience, maximising your brand's reach


    Aligning with our event showcases your commitment to corporate social responsibility. Your support contributes to the success of a community-driven initiative, enhancing your brand image and fostering a positive perception among our attendees.


    Be an integral part of the event experience by engaging directly with attendees through interactive sessions, product demonstrations, or personalised brand experiences. Create lasting impressions that resonate with our audience beyond the event.


    Enjoy media coverage and press opportunities surrounding the event, elevating your brand's visibility in relevant publications and online platforms. Leverage the event's success to generate positive media exposure for your brand.


    Sponsoring our event is not just a partnership; it's an investment in a dynamic platform that offers tangible benefits for your brand. Join us in creating a mutually beneficial collaboration that leaves a lasting impression on our audience and enhances your brand's market presence

    Lee Tayler

    Meet Lee Tayler, the brains behind Norfolk Paddle Boards—an enterprise rooted in paddle board rentals and events in Norfolk. Beyond merely offering paddle board services, Lee has transformed his platform into a hub for community growth. By branching out into various activities, he aims to enhance the well-being of individuals both physically and mentally.

    Now in its third year, the venture has evolved into a full-fledged festival experience. Departing from its initial paddle board focus, the festival now provides a community-oriented platform for people to engage in a range of wellness practices. The ultimate goal is for attendees to carry these positive habits forward into their daily lives beyond the festival weekend.

    Before venturing into the world of Norfolk Paddle Boards, Lee honed his skills at a software company serving schools. Starting as the Financial Controller, he eventually took on the role of Interim CEO. Under his leadership, the company experienced significant growth, culminating in its sale to a private equity firm—a strategic move that marked Lee's exit from the company.

    Prior to this corporate journey, Lee served as the Commercial Bank Manager for the software company, overseeing a substantial portfolio of around 400 businesses. Quite the journey from managing businesses to managing paddle boards and fostering a thriving community!

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  • 501-1000 attendees expected

    25% Male Attendees

    75% Female Attendees

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