Sat, Jul 27 2024

Steckster Gadde Beerpong Turnier,

Aschaffenburg, Bayern, Germany Aschaffenburg, Bayern, Germany

  • About the event

    1Event names:

    Beerpong Tournament of the Steckster Gadde 2024 - An exclusive Beerpong experience

    2. event styleCasual, entertaining and exclusive. The tournament remains private for invited guests to create a protected environment for the participants.
    3. target group
    Primary target group: 18-35 year old participants who enjoy Beerpong and partying.
    Secondary target group: Companies, brands and service providers that target this young, trend-conscious audience.
    4. event features
    2 Beerpong tables with 8 teams of 2 players each.
    Recording and publication on Instagram (400,000 followers), YouTube (30,000 subscribers) and TikTok (100,000 subscribers).
    Presentation of trophies to the winners.
    5. communication:
    Active communication via social media for anticipation, updates and highlights.
    6. event date and location
    Date: Still open (flexible after consultation with sponsors).
    Location: Private property in Aschaffenburg
    7. sustainability
    Support from social media profits will be donated to a charitable organization.
    This concept builds on last year's success and offers sponsors even greater visibility and interaction opportunities both online and on site.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the "2nd Beerpong Tournament of the Steckster Gadde" and secure not only a physical presence as a sponsor, but also an impressive digital reach. Our tournament reached well over 1 million people on Instagram last year, but this year we are going one step further! We are expanding our presence on YouTube with 30,000 subscribers and TikTok with 100,000 subscribers.Your benefits as a sponsor:
    Massive visibility:
    Your logo will be featured in front of an audience of millions on Instagram, allowing your brand to reach a wide range of potential customers.
    YouTube exposure:
    With 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, you get the chance to get your brand in front of a new, engaged audience.
    TikTok highlights:
    On TikTok with 100,000 subscribers, you can generate viral exposure with highlights of the tournament.
    Multi-layered targeting:
    By combining Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, you can reach a wide age group and various interest groups.
    Long-term visibility:
    Footage and highlights remain on the platforms after the event, ensuring long-term visibility for your brand.
    Use this digital stage for your company and secure a unique presence! Discover our sponsorship options and the associated benefits.

    Daniel Diezel

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We are pleased to bring you an exclusive look at the upcoming "2nd Beerpong Tournament of the Steckster Gadde", particularly in relation to the influential role of our main man, Daniel Diezel.

    Daniel Diezel: The influence behind the event

    Daniel Diezel is not only a well-known influencer, but also the driving force behind our upcoming Beerpong tournament. With an impressive following of 400,000 on Instagram, 30,000 subscribers on YouTube and 100,000 on TikTok, he not only brings reach but also a vibrant community.

    Advertising and participation:

    Daniel began weeks before the event to prepare his followers on Instagram for the spectacular event. His creative posts and stories attracted attention and fueled anticipation. As an influencer, he has the unique ability to not only promote, but also build a personal connection with his followers.

    Furthermore, Daniel will not only be an advertising manager, but also an active participant in the tournament itself. His easy-going nature and playful ambition make him extremely popular not only with spectators but also with other participants.

    Digital presence:

    With a solid following on YouTube and TikTok, Daniel will be documenting the tournament in the form of vlogs, highlight reels and gripping moments. His videos will not only provide insights into the event, but will also prominently feature the names of our sponsors.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    60% Male Attendees

    40% Female Attendees

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Platin Package

Exclusive naming: Your company is presented as the exclusive naming sponsor of the tournament, guaranteeing maximum attention. Dominant logo presence: A large logo on all promotional materials and posters ensures outstanding visibility and brand identification. Media presence: Name mention in press releases and media partnerships increases media exposure and strengthens the brand. On-site banner advertising: Strategically placed banner advertising at on-site locations maximizes brand exposure during the event. Event announcements: Mention in all official event announcements increases awareness of your company during the tournament. Video linking: As a platinum sponsor, your company will be the first to be linked in the videos, ensuring outstanding positioning in digital channels.

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Gold Package

Logo on advertising materials: Logo placement on promotional materials and posters provides a recognizable presence on all printed materials. On-site banner advertising: Banner advertising at select on-site locations ensures targeted brand exposure during the event. Arena naming: Naming of the arena, announcing the games with the name of the arena Social media mentions: Your company will be mentioned in social media posts, providing additional online visibility.

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Bronze Package

Logo presence on promotional materials:Logo on promotional materials and event posters provides visible exposure to all participants and spectators.On-site banner advertising:Banner advertising at specific on-site locations ensures targeted exposure for your company during the tournament.

10 available

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