Sat, Mar 28 - Sun, Mar 29 2020

Soar High,

Queensland, Australia Queensland, Australia

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    A BIG life changing event is here. Get Involved!



    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present a very real and unique opportunity to change the lives of many for the better, giving everyone attending the workshop the tools through workshops in order for them to Soar High with confidence in who they are after living with abuse of any kind.

    We are excited to present our plans for the Soar High Workshop Brisabne 2020 and with the help of your valued support we are aiming to help bring about change within our society for the better futures of our children. We wish to bring about greater awareness of this cause for the benefits of our children futures and with your help we are thereby developing over time a snowball effect which hopefully will trickle down through time for the benefit for all.

    Meeting this goal is vitally important to bring about these beneficial results for our children futures and with l time lessoning the dysfunctions within our societies.

    We look forward to you supporting the Soar High Workshop. Sponsorship equals new audiences and new potenial customers to meet your sales and marketing goals and to have a larger data base.


    Attendee income  

    20% - $25k

    45% - $35k

    15% - $50k

    10% - $75k -$100K

    10% + $100k


    Attendee Age group .

    Less than 18 -10%

    25-34 - 20%

    45-54 - 30%

    Over 65 - 3%

    18-25 - 10%

    35-44 - 20%

    55-64 - 7%


    The aim is to have a very unique workshop that will not only help attendees to Soar HIGH but Rock theirSocks off for a better life for all.

    Attendee gender

    43% Male and 57% Female


    The biggest problem with the world today is, I am not enough.

    We are all enough, we were all born whole and complete from the moment of conception.  Then, human intervention knocks you off your path and lays down self-doubts and in return creates negative self-talk which prevents forwards movement, self-belief and most of all, confidence in who we all are as individuals is paramount.

    In this workshop the speakers will be giving you the tools to combat self-doubts, helping you turn your life around, mastering your self-worth, challenging adversity head on and placing you back on your God given path, teaching you to love you as you are, giving you “Flight within your Light” so YOU can “Soar High”

    6 speakers over a weekend workshop, giving everyone "attending" the tools for change for a better you.



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    Everything we do is custom, tell us more about your sales and marketing goals. Your wish is our command






    Christine Bogers

    6 speakers

    Christine Bogers, Founder and developer of the neXt movement & Soar High workshop. Author, Transformational speaker and owner of Ovient Management.

    “Moed” Dutch for Courage …Courage is always one step ahead of fear. Christine has lived with the fear of having her voice shut down through the abuse she lived from the early age of six years old right through into her adulthood, until she decided to remove all the toxic abusive people from her life for good, she now gifts her story to help others gain Flight within their Light.


    Christine has walked a journey no one else has, she uses her journey to helps others who have had their voice heard after being shut down through abuse both physical, sexual and psychologically.


    Christine is a powerful and strong woman who now uses her voice to speak out against abuse of all kinds, she is an advocate for all children and is not afraid to step in to protect children even if they are not her own.

    Christine is a very positive and enlightening woman who is very determined, persistent and someone who never gives up. Christine is stronger than a rock, yet she has a gentle loving soul.

    Christine has a highly creative fast thinking mind and is more than capable of achieving anything she sets out to do, like this workshop “Soar High” she has founded and developed. This workshop is going to be unique to help engage all the audience with all the speakers in a way never seen before, Music is the key to healing.

    Christine has written four books based upon her abuse she endured; there are interactive tasks within her books,  for everyone to be able to take themselves to their own light. Christine four books are her four pillars for her speaking. Teardrops on my Wings | Broken Winged Flight | Flight within your Light and Love without Judgements. Christine will be one of the speakers helping you gain Flight within your Light, living your life your way without any apologies whatsoever.  


    Tracie Kelly; Hypnotherapist and Counselor. I guide women to remove unwanted blocks, habits, and patterns.

    Empowering Yourself Today is The Opportunity to Change Your Life From the Inside Out, to Live The Life You Dream to have.

    Hi, I am Tracie Kelly.

    My passion for hypnosis and counseling are the gifts I have to serve and help my clients get from where they are in their lives to where they want to be. 

    Master Mind Waves is about clearing away the surface layers getting in the way of living a happy fulfilled life with purpose and meaning. 

    I help people learn how to harness the power of the conscious mind and subconscious mind to create a life of purpose. 

    For the outside world to change, we must first have the inside world right. 

    I help people understand their inside world and use specific tools to make changes from the inside which will reflect in the outside.  Our world is the reality of our thoughts, feeling and actions, what you focus on becomes your reality. 

    I will teach you how to create what you want, not get what you don’t want. 

    My goal is to connect with you to take action today to design a bespoke road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

    It is possible to create a new reality with the right tools and right mindset.


    My name is King Casatore I'm from the dirty south quake city, born and raised in Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand.

    I create Conscious Hip hop with a story of what I have endured. My pain is in my music and through my music you will hear and feel my strengths. I am an advocate in helping the prevention of suicide, anti-bullying and I also work with youth via teamwork through the power of music.

    I hope all of you out there can relate to my musical words because I believe they are meant to be shared to the world.

    New Zealand hip-hop artist “King Cass” spreading the message of love and support through speaking and singing.

    My goal is to travel the sound waves of music promoting and spreading the message with an awareness of suicide prevention, anti-bullying, hope, love, change and bringing the best new flavors to hip-hop.

    Hunter brings a unique side to his speaking by integrating his music in as a part of the mix giving you a vacation away from the depths of the realities of his subject he speaks on.


    "Everyone" can be rehabilitated, there's no doubt about it in my mind. Everyone can do it” is Jacob Leo Skilling’s belief now. If Jacob can do it, anyone can, he is living proof.

    "If" you give someone opportunities, it lifts them. It gives them hope thinking, well this person's not judging me so at least I've got some people out there that isn’t judging me, and I can move forward'. When people judge you, this sets in the person it is directed at a weight of movement prevention, humans must learn to see the whole picture behind human behavior, and it normally stems from early childhood abuse within all families, Jacob speaks of his abusive lifestyle and how it altered his whole life for the worst and yet he chose to turn his life around and help others who are experiencing the same so they can fly high.

    Jacob might be tattooed, which shows his past, the main tattoo he wears close to his heart is the “Eagle.” Jacob is like the when times get hard, he soars high like the Eagle above the storm when all other birds fly to shelter. When times get hard, you must face the adversity like the Eagle and soar above the storm.


    Trent Quapp:

    A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well, to do better!!

    Trent Quapp is smart and knowledgeable about the things in life that plague people on a daily basis. He knows that to be effective in life you have to have a positive outlook because if you don't then your life is going to be.

    Ever experience a time in your life when you feel stuck in a rut and you just don't know how to move on. You know that something is bogging you down and preventing you from being all that you can be, but you just can't seem to put your finger on it. Trent Quapp has been there himself and he has also assisted countless people in similar situations in life. Trent's life coaching skills and powerful motivational speaking can help get you headed back in the right direction.

    From and face-to-face meetings to conferences and seminars, Trent will strive to give you a perspective on life that you may have never thought about. Be sure to read the following pages on Trent's life journey; his struggles and how he turned seemingly negative situations into good for himself and others

    You're stupid! You can't do anything right! You will NEVER amount to anything!

    It almost sounds like a scene from a movie, but for Trent it was.

    Young Trent was diagnosed with Epilepsy. How he got it is not 100% clear, but the physical abuse, emotional abuse trauma that he experienced within the first couple years of his life probably were a very strong contributing factors.

    Trent is to be one of our speakers right out from Canada and there is no one better to be a part of the Soar High workshop.


    Christine is an ex-police officer of 10 years, during her career she worked predominately in the arena of domestic violence and saw daily, the effects and patterns abuse plays throughout the course of the lives of thousands of people.

    Christine’s refreshing understanding and compassion for not only the cause of abuse, violence suicide, but on solutions to a brighter future for victims and offenders the like, may surprise and will certainly inspire. Igniting a spark in those that are truly ready to take control and gain that was taken from them.

    Christine not only has the experience and insights on a professional level, but she is one of the rare few that genuinely leads by her own example. 9 years ago, Christine felt empty, lost and trapped in the life she had created for herself and she fell into depression, powerless to change anything.

    Christine found the courage to take charge, walking away from her husband, career security to start freshly and create a new story for herself, no longer her own needs to live up to other people’s expectations. She vowed from then on, to only follow her heart and uncover her own truth. Christine now knows her worth and continues to focus on being the best version of herself and helps others be theirs.

    Christine’s dream is to inspire people around the world to find their peace within and live free and fulfilled, in their own, unique truth.

    If you don’t like the story, you’re living, Christine will help you redesign it and support you along your journey to create a life that excites you.

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    57% Female Attendees

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