Mon, Apr 20 - Mon, Apr 27 2020

remembertherainforest.com : Earth Day Teach-In 2020,

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
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  • About the event

    RTR is an Eco education program based on the Martius-Spix expedition 1817-20. We are preparing to partner with EDN for the Earth Day Teach-In 2020. This is just the beginning. Montessori institutes in Cairo and Tanzania are doing Arabic and Kiswahili. My husband and I are taking care of English, Spanish and Potuguese versions. Sponsorship also includes your logo on the digital installation  which advertises the event in schools and public buildings around the world.


    Why should you sponsor?

    We promote Ecology education. We have 9,700 connections with key educators on Linkedin. Our website is averaging 500-1000 visitors a day, statistics that will jump to millions as more classrooms start using RTR.

    When we think of STEAM, We think of robots and rockets and advances in medical technology …We think of brilliant young minds focused on substantial goals and tangible rewards. Our goals are less quantitative. We want to promote Ecology education. We want to show to students the rainforest of 1817 in brilliant color. We were inspired by the thought of students being wowed by Remember the Rainforest. 


    The explorers' words and images are a rare display of Earth History, a flash of our collective unconscious. Like gems they cast a light  from the past. The images teach without words. They illuminate the fate of the future. RTR is where Art crosses the path of Science.

    Carol Miranda Chor

    I am a retired teacher, a poet and web designer. Earlier in our careers, my husband Alberto and I worked with Pan Am in promoting Brazil. We are Eco artists. If you are interested in aligning your business with an environmental cause, we have got the goods with hundreds of posters to advertise you and our mutual cause : Remember the Rainforest !

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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

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