Sat, Jul 29 2017

Positive Charge Concert Pool Party,

Roger Carter Community Center, Ellicott City, Maryland, United States Roger Carter Community Center, Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
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Naijha Wright-Brown at The Land of Kush
Positive Charge Youth Program

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    * In Baltimore City, there is a lack of recreational activities and centers. As a result, many of the youth have been compromised by street life,  fulfilling their desires to have fun by committing crimes and participating in dangerous activities; auto theft, property vandalization, robbery, trespassing, etc.




    * The youth are our future.

    With no stability and effort to create a sustainable environment and positive culture for the youth to live in, the light of our future is dim. This cause is the driven life force of The Positive Charge Team; To Rescue The Youth From Their  Environment by providing venues and Fun activities for them to do In New Environments. This method will promote the youth to change their environment by being exposed to new perspectives and ways of life/living. 





    We Need Community Support, as well as Parents,Family Members and Friends who have a heart to see this vision for our youth. 

    We will be raising funds to book several events for the city youth participating in various venues; Such as Pool Parties, Bowling Alleys, Community Parks, Beaches, State Parks & More.


                       CURRENTLY:  JULY POOL PARTY CONCERT





    In Late July, we will be hosting our first Pool Party Concert in Howard County MD.

    We Need to Raise $1,500 to cover costs for renting, and pool/exercise room/ and gymnasium costs for 200 ppl event.

    Activities include 

    * Swimming/ (indoor/outdoor)

    * Face Painting

    * Live Performances & Open Mic Activities

    * Exercise Room Access

    * Rock Climbing

    * Basketball

    * Kickball/ Dodgeball


    There will also be complimentary vegan catering and opportunities to win prizes.


    Thank you all for your attention to our cause and the youth of Baltimore City will deeply appreciate your support!



    The Positive Charge Team

    Why should you sponsor?

     The youth are our future. 

           With no stability and effort to create a sustainable environment and positive culture for the youth to live in, the light of our future is dim.

    Sponsors should support our event because it helps expose the youth to new envionments, in order to encourage less fortunate youth to change their environment they live in. By doing so, this increases entrepreneualship within the african american community, and decreases crime within the city. This will help more businesses thrive, and create more conscious consumers that will increase the wealth of our Nations local and state trade system, as a whole. Art and Music are the world's biggest assets, therefore teaching such skills to today's generation is essential for a sustainable, positive future for our nation.

     Sponsors will have an opportunity to assist less fortunate communities in becoming more productive and gain new customers at the same time. When you sponsor our events, we provide packages that include free music production, artwork design, and videography for your company , as a gift. We believe that giving and receiving go hand in hand, so in exchange for your donation to help us support Baltimore City Youth, we help support your business cause by marketing it  to the same demographic of people your sponsorship will help, through our social media platforms.

    Ashley Bacon

    Hi, my name is Ashley Bacon, Miss Lady La Productions, and I am one of 5 leaders within The Positive Charge Youth Program. I am a music producer, as well as artist, songwriter and composer.  I am responsible for teaching the youth everything they need to learn about being a musician. I have 2-3 years education in audio pre and post production, as well as 2yrs education in psychology. I have 5 years experience in leading youth events and programs. I love to teach the youth about nature, history, and science using visual and musical arts. I believe in creative freedom, so I aim towards teaching the youth skills essential in creating assets for themselves. Also, we aim to prepare the youth for uilizing their gifts and skills, in order to become future entrepreneurs.

    The Baltimore City youth is our target audience because they have an immediate need for change within themselves; the way they think, feel and act. They are products of an environment where the mass production of products and industrialization, have taken away their childhood. They have few parks and recreations, nor do they have safe environments to play in. Their playgrounds are surrounded by drugs, and violence. Our program aims to remove them from their environment by hosting events in communities that lead as examples of positive living, for the children to help reshape  their own community's future.We have 4 other leaders who assist in educating the youth about Visual Arts, Music, and Videography;

    Donald Tyson Jr ( Docta Toonz)- Visual Artist

    Darrell BArber (Black Disciple)-- Videographer/ Music Production/ Visual Artist

    Shila Lopez- MAssage Therapist, Arts & Crafts

    Ndia Day-(Red Art)  Visual Artist

    We all work together as a team, bringing both visual and audio arts together, while networking and being examples for the youth to look up to. We are all not too far away from being youths. We are young adults who remember what it was like to try and find something positive to do, with few options to choose from. Now we seek to give to the generation of today, positive solutions to choose from, as well as assist them in correcting problems that we as adults must take responsibility for.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    40% Male Attendees

    60% Female Attendees

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