Wed, Nov 29 2017

The North American Supergrid: Electrifying Our Future,

Washington, District of Columbia, United States Washington, District of Columbia, United States

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    The modern electric grid is one of the great marvels of the 20th century, and has fundamentally changed how we live day to day. This system, on which our society is increasingly reliant, is plagued by inefficiency and fragility in the face of cyber warfare, natural disasters, space weather, and terrorist attacks. However, we have the potential to cost effectively reinforce this aging system with existing technology, while simultaneously combatting global climate change.

    The North American Supergrid (NAS) is a proposal for the construction of a largely underground high voltage direct current (HVDC) electric grid overlay along existing highway and railway rights-of-way. This HVDC power network would provide reliable, cost-competitive electricity in a level playing field market for the entire continental United States. Research indicates that the implementation of this system will result in up to a 78% decrease in power sector carbon emissions, without the use of command and control regulatory oversight. Additionally, the NAS would greatly improve our grid's resilience and reliability in the face of cyber-attacks, electromagnetic pulse events, and solar storms. This highly-efficient system will ultimately result in improved homeland security, greater energy independence, and lower energy sector carbon emissions at consumer electricity prices that are competitive with current rates.       

    Dr. Alexander MacDonald, former Director of NOAA's Earth Systems Laboratory, pioneered this concept in his 2016 publication. The Climate Institute is performing the necessary legal, technical, and economic research and analysis to advance Dr. MacDonald's ambitious vision. Furthermore, the Climate Institute is working to gather partners to make this proposal a reality.

    This event will consist of four speakers, as well as a Q&A panel, that will focus on explaining the environmental, economic, and security benefits surrounding the implementation of the North American Supergrid initiative. 

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    The Climate Institute is the oldest American-based NGO focused solely on the mitigation of climate change worldwide. Our institute is comprised of a small full-time staff base and relies on assistance from academic institutions, students, and professionals working pro-bono to supplement research on various projects. All costs associated with operations, staffing, and events are derived entirely from donations. The Climate Institute is a designated 501-C3 organization. 

    Rachel Levine

    This sponsorship proposal was submitted by Rachel Levine, the Chief Engineer for the Climate Institute. Linked-in web address is below:



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