Mon, Jan 14 - Mon, Feb 11 2019

Nithyananda Yoga Teacher Training,

Nithyananda Peetam, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Nithyananda Peetam, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

  • About the event

    Nithyananda Yoga Teachers Training is a program that certified participants to become yoga Acharyas - experienced teachers of the complete spiritual science of yoga. 

    In this 30 day program, participants will study and embody the roots of yoga from the revived ancient Hindu scriptures known as the Ved-Agamas, receive powerful third eye awakening which will allow us to manifest yogic powers called shaktis, learn sanskrit and traditional asanas with their 12 components, practice kriyas, pranayamas, and mudras, become masters of our bodies and guide others to do the same, become initiated healers, and receive full certification in Nithyananda Yoga, shivasthamba yoga, and Kundalini Raju yoga. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    This program will empower me to bring authentic ,  original yoga to the west; these are very unique forms of yoga not practiced anywhere else, they do not exist in north America. The opportunities available to those bringing original yoga to their communities are vast, and the need for such aurhentic, integrated practices are very needed at this time in society. People are searching for what is real. They are drawn to yoga because they feel the truth of their limitless potential when they bend their bodies...yet they have not been able to tap into the source of life and experience true breakthroughs into superconaciousness because the yoga and lifestyle practices they are engaging in are diluted. They are not complete.

    Nithyananda yoga is a complete science of enlightenment. Thr benefits of aligning our bodies with the cosmic geometry through the asanas are tremendous, and I feel a burning passion to bring this experience to everyone I possibly can.


    By sponsoring me, you are contributing to my vision of establishing this authentic, healing, detoxifying practice to not only my community in canada, but the world as a whole. My vision is to host workshops and retreats globally, to become an established member of the Nithyananda Yoga team, and travel to the ashrams and spiritual communities my guru's devotees are now building worldwide. 

    By sponsoring me, you are contributing to the revival of Hinduism and the mission of my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda: to create a Hindu nation where people who want to live the non-violent, organic, Vedic lifestyle can go and be with Him, and pursue enlightenment through the practices and rituals set forth in the Sanskrit texts known as the Ved-Agamas. You are contributing to everyone who is part of this Sangha (spiritual community around our guru) and their ability to go on enriching others to heal their lives and be empowered to have the experiences they want for themselves.

    By sponsoring me, you are supporting your own experience of a reality which contains possibilities far beyond anything logic and reason can comprehend. You are opening yourself to divinity to blossom in you and express as powers, and to go beyond the negative cognition and patterns that have limited you through your life. 

    This training program is not just about me and what I want, it is a small piece of a much bigger experience, involving the most powerful and awakened beings alive on the planet at this time. I am excited to include you in all that is unfolding now, and I am infinitely grateful to you for making it all possible by supporting me as my sponsor. I can' want to begin contributing to your life and to this world By bringing forward Nithyananda Yoga as a trained Acharya!

    Ma Yogavrathananda

    I have spent my life in the forests of British Columbia, frolicking and exploring the beauty and secrets within their wilderness. I enjoyed being alone in my own quiet world for a long time, but recently began shifting into a new phase of life where connecting with and enriching others is my focus. My passion is giving people the experiences I've enjoyed for myself all this time; connecting intimately with the forest through the senses, opening up to the universe and its magic, bringing authenticity to the way people interact with one another, healing the boundaries and walls they put up to stay separate from others, emotion, and reality. 

    I guide Forest Therapy walks in my community and provided nature school to several children through autumn of 2018, teaching through observation and interaction with nature. 

    I have a deep love of travel and exposing my soul to the raw corners of this world. My ultimate vision involves taking my training in Forest Therapy and Yoga, combining it with detoxification, and teaching, sharing, and enriching communities arpund the world by travelling with the yoga team. 


    Why should you trust me? Because what I do to others I do to myself, as everything external is me in another form. It is out of integrity to cause suffering to myself or to others. I want to experience wealth, fruitful relationships, and bring beauty to the lives of others, and so my path is one of non-violence and responsibility. By you spporting me, I am taking responsibility for you and ensuring your connection to the divine is tended to. 

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