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    The Mongol Rally is perhaps the wildest road race on the planet. Not only do you get an opportunity to have a wild adventure, you have the opportunity to give back and raise money for a charity of your choice. It consists of a 10,000 mile journey across 1/3 of the earth's surface. I will be leaving from London and headed through Turkey, across central Asia and head North then into Mongolia and Russia. This event is covered by a great deal of media outlets. According to "The Adventurists" site "We've secured a launch venue so astounding it's going to take you a very long time to gather together all the bits of your brain. The launch is evolving into something grotesquely and almost inconceivably incredible. A two-day festival...." There are venues held by the founders of the rally throughout the routes and a finish line located in Ulan-Ude.  Last year the event had a total of 2,915 ralliers; 14.7% were women and the average age among the ralliers was 30 years 1 month and 20 days to be precise. With at least 20 borders being crossed, many people will get to see your logo and many have questions for the ralliers as they putter through their country. With that in mind, a cool piece of technology or a product that would turn heads would be ideal for a sponsor to donate. The Mongol Rally is about charity, adventure and making the world less boring. If your company is on the edge and wants to participate in this journey of a lifetime with great corporate exposure and ideal marketing benefits, come join Team K-Man!


    Why should you sponsor?

     If your company wants to participate in this journey of a lifetime with great corporate exposure and ideal marketing benefits, read about the packages  to learn how you can get your company excellent exposure. Your company will have an opportunity to not only reach the 2000+ participants and international media coverage of the rally, you will be able to have your logo displayed across Europe and Asia. You may have your product photographed or videoed in a photographic location or written about as a review.  I’ll spread the word to other Mongol Rally travelers about your product as we gather for events. The adventure of a lifetime does not come lightly! I am in need of a 125cc motorcycle, registration, insurance, uniforms with logos, equipment for the bike, and fuel allowance. A total cost analysis for the team sits at $5,000, not counting personal expenses getting to London, or personal items for the adventure itself, or charity. I will provide you with a written statement explaining where your money is going, down to the cent

    John Ketterer

    This is the hardest part about this website. Not that I don't know who I am but there is a lot to be written about. Both good and bad, I have had my moments. Since I have an upcoming event I will focus on my reasons for pursuing such an adventure. I am a very adventurous kind of guy and very ambitious. When I found this event there was no way I could pass it up. I have the support of my wife and family and without them I wouldn't be able to accomplish much. When I told my wife about my block in the "about yourself" section, she told me I should write about my traumatic brain injury and how I could have died or suffered brain damage. Then I thought maybe I should write about dealing with anxiety and depression throughout my life in order to portray the reasons I chose to take a trip as intense as the Mongol Rally. There is much to write about in these instances. I am very grateful to still be alive and healthy these days. I guess these examples can be indicative of my tenacity and perseverence during difficulties, something that is vital in teaching my high school students. I learned it is experiencing the victories in staggering times that provide one with a feeling of actually being alive. To overcome and to help others overcome miseries in life is what it means, for me, to be alive. The goodness of life tastes much sweeter when you have been acquainted with the bad. As a teacher, I teach my students to learn from and appreciate the difficulties in life. I don't think I am an optimist, I am certainly a realist;  I just learned to how to have appreciation for the good and bad we all experience.

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