Millennial Physics Experiment

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mon, Jan 14 - Tue, Dec 31 2019

Sponsorship Pitch

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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About our event

I wrote and debated Finite Theory in astrophysics that refutes Einstein, Michelson, Morley and even Newton. It also extends General Relativity by solving:

  • The perihelion precession
  • The light bending
  • The galactic rotation curve (without dark matter)
  • The expansion of the universe (without dark energy)
  • The mass of the invisible universe encompassing the visible one

The official debate can be found here:

And I advocate the following errors by famous physicists:

  • Einstein's constancy of the speed of light with an apparatus at high velocity will be found to be false
  • Michelson & Morley's bidirectional speed of light needed to be unidirectional otherwise the net effect cancels out
  • Newton's implied absoluteness of the reference frame simply disregards rotation which is very important to consider

Once again there is no other way to Make North-America Great Again but to invest in fundamental scientific research to create a real economy.  So I am looking for sponsorship to send the following apparatus of $100,000 USD:

Aboard the International Space Station to prove it and to correct the last 300 years of physics!

Furthermore, the theory is already pre-approved by the US National Lab. So join us for this important historical milestone!


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If this once-in-a-millennium experiment is shown to be successful or not, your visibility will skyrocket!  

And if it is successful then the credit goes directly to the sponsors!




All sponsors will be displayed on the associated website of the experiment.

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