Sat, Jan 16 2021

Limb Loss Of Las Vegas,

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  • About the event

    to start off, we own and operated medical business for orthotics and prosthetic, 3 years strong. freshly new, called Brace It O&P.


    we came up with the idea 2 days ago of have a support group in Las Vegas for amputees, since that is where we are based. I was able to get with the director of Nevada orthopedic and spine center to join our team( about 17 surgeons in that building that will be going to some of the events), including a well-known foot specialist Dr.zeller, our prothesis Dan Ramsey who is also a Amputee and a vet, an orthosis who is my brother, the rep from SPS Greg, well known in the prosthetic field since most his limbs are amputated and the company he works for makes the most high tec prosthetic limbs, and including the golden knights ambassador.

     I am looking to expand our amputee support group now that we have a strong team. we had a plan to make monthly events, but I honestly we have no clue where to start and who is willing to sponsor our events of 10 to 20 amputees per month, Brace It would host dinners, gatherings, bowling nights and so on to get our members motivated in this journey they are in with others who are in the same boat. majority of the time they’re contemplative of their situation they go into a deep depression and have suicide thoughts. Brace It came up with the idea of having group of people who they can rely on, not only for emotional support with like wise members but the comfort of knowing they have strong leaders beside them along the way, doctors and folks in that professional field being attentive.
    We would like to find another team member to can sponsor our events.

    Why should you sponsor?

    We need help from our community, majority of people have someone in their family or know someone who is a amputee as this is starting to become more common. As the community is growing we want to make it our responsibility that they feel whole during this process.

    Mayaan gonzalez

    Ive worked with amputees for almost three years since we started this family business, I never thought I would ever be on this path in my life, the more I am around my patients I realize that family isn’t enough support for someone going through this traumatic journey of learning how to walk again and finding themselves and losing who they once were to crating a whole new person they’re not used too.
    during the pandemic I’ve made personal events for amputees at my apartment, its getting to the point I am not capable of hosting these events in my small home and I am branching out with a strong team.

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

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    49% Female Attendees

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