Sat, Feb 09 - Sat, Jun 29 2019

Leather II Chaos 2019 US Tour,

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  • About the event

    This is a music tour featuring Leather Leone, who has been called "The Voice of The Cult", and Axemaster, who this year won the Best Metal Music Award for their song "10,000 Pound Hammer" from The Akademia of Music.

    Leather Leone: In 1984, she was connected to metal guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain, who was known at the time for his band CJSS, featuring bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. She joined his new band, CHASTAIN, as the Lead Vocalist. She recorded 5 albums with Chastain, Mystery Of Illusion (1985), Ruler Of The Wasteland(1986), The 7th Of Never (1987), Voice Of The Cult (1988), and For Those Who Dare (1990).  After Chastain's: For Those Who Dare tour finished in 1991, the world waited for more. Then Leather disappeared. For years fans searched and wondered what had happened to the happened to the “Voice of the Cult”, the only female vocalist ever to be compared to Rob Halford from Judas Priest, Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden and Geoff Tate.

    In 2013 "Surrender To No One" marked the return of original vocalist Leather Leone. Long considered one of the originators of the female power metal vocal style. In 2016 Leather resurfaced with a new band from Brazil. After successful tours in South America and Europe, Leather and the band realized their combined inspiration and they wrote and recorded new material. Leather quotes “I'm extremely excited to be back in game we look forward to our new journey together.” 

    Axemaster:  From its beginning in 1985, Joe Sims always new what he wanted to do.  With support from his family, he formed Axemaster, and is the only original member still in the band.  If asked what he will be doing in 15 years, Joe will reply “still rocking in Axemaster".  In its entirety, Axemaster has released 9 CD/EP, has been with three labels before signing with Pure Steel, has had their music in one movie, and went through one brief name change.  Through all this, they survived and continue to write, record, and entertain metal heads from two generations.




    Why should you sponsor?

    Music is a compelling force.  It helps lift people out of depression, sets the tome at a party, and people connect with music on an emotional level. Its the emotional level that also connects your brand to them.

    While brands are getting hip to this shift, few understand how to effectively engage artists. When a thoughtful strategy is in place and the artists and brands are appropriately aligned, everybody wins. The brands receive engaging content to reinforce the values of their company. 

    Going to a concert is the most exciting thing 44% of respondents have ever done, according to a study. This makes the target audience far more open-minded, allowing sponsors and advertisers a better chance of getting their message across, according to a study.

           ~ 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a band or concert they have seen, given comparable price and quality.

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           ~ 50% of global consumers said they would be willing to reward companies that give back to society ( sponsoring a tour) by paying more for their goods and services (44% in the U.S. and 38% in Canada). 

    Compelling Content.                                                                                      If brands expect consumers to like, follow and engage, they need their owned channels to be more than just a sales pitch. While brands may be great at creating products and services, they are not inherently built to develop compelling content. Artists however, are the original storytellers and the perfect partners to support this need.

    Cultural Relevance.                                                                                   Just like the old cliché goes, you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. This now applies to brands, especially since they have to develop a personality and can no longer hide behind an address on their product label. Aligning with the right artists can help reinforce a brand’s values and provide the brand with an interesting story to tell alongside the artist.

    Authentic Connection.                                                                           Artists have the opportunity to leverage technology and develop direct channels to communicate with fans. When executed effectively, marketing messages sent through these channels are seen as inherently ‘native.’ 


    Mary Feller

    I own and run Smoke N Phire Productions, an honest band management company.  I started my busines in April 2017 with the intent to change the accepted norms of band management, and since then it has exploded!  I provide a custom service to each band based on their needs. My mission statement; Bands come first, No matter what!!

    We do benefit shows as well booking tours for our bands. We have had Pepsi and Staples sponsor us in the past for one of our fundraisers. 

    All of the bands and industry professionals I work with have found me.  I have never went looking for anyone. My company went International within its first 30 days.  I have bands all over the world, at different stages of their careers. 

    I work with major labels such as AMG/Universal Music Group, Bongo Boy Records and more.  Producers such as Mark S Berry (he produced the Rolling Stones, Pat Benetar, etc) also work with me based on my reputation in the industry.  I may not have been long in the industry, but my reputation has garnered the attention of some big names. 

    What I have done in the music industry has been said it would be impossable. To get my name and reputation out as far as I have, to where even some of the biggest names in the industry know who I am, in the short time I have been running my company, normally would take someone 5 years or more.  No one will ever be able to do what I have done.  I want to let Smoke N Phire grow at will, to never turn a band away.  They all deserve honest, transparent representation.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    75% Male Attendees

    25% Female Attendees

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