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History Maker's Gala,

Wexford, Pennsylvania, United States Wexford, Pennsylvania, United States

  • About the event

    We are recognizing local History Makers through community nominations.


    The McCandless/Northern Allegheny Heritage and Cultural Center are looking for nominations for their Shining Star award to recognize History Makers from the Northern Allegheny region.   


    Who is eligible to receive the award?  Anyone who lives in, works in, or impacted the Northern Allegheny Region.   


    When do nominations end and when will awards be given?  Nominations are open until April 23rd.  The awardees will be recognized with the Shining Star Award at our annual History Makers Gala on Saturday, November 9th.  Awardees must be present at the event in order to receive award.  


    How do I buy tickets to the event?  Awardees will be given two tickets, one for themselves and one for a guest.   Tickets will be available for purchase in may for all others.


    How can I support the HCC in this event?   You can nominate an individual,  


    Nomination Categories:

    1. Volunteer: This award recognizes individuals who selflessly give their time, skills, and energy to support various causes and organizations within their community without expecting anything in return. Volunteers are the backbone of many initiatives, contributing to the betterment of society through their dedication and compassion.

    2. Health & Safety: This category celebrates individuals or groups committed to promoting and safeguarding the well-being of others. It honors those who go above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of their communities, whether through healthcare initiatives, emergency response, advocacy, or education on health-related issues.

    3. Environment/Nature: This award acknowledges individuals or organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment and its natural resources. Whether through conservation efforts, sustainable practices, environmental education, or activism, recipients of this award demonstrate a profound commitment to the stewardship of our planet.

    4. Education: This category recognizes educators, mentors, or initiatives that have made significant contributions to the field of education. It celebrates innovation, excellence in teaching, and efforts to promote access to quality education for all, empowering individuals to reach their full potential and fostering lifelong learning.

    5. Business/Corporation: This award honors businesses or corporations that demonstrate exceptional commitment to social responsibility, ethical practices, and community engagement. Recipients of this award prioritize not only financial success but also the well-being of their employees, customers, and the communities they serve.

    6. Service: This category celebrates individuals or organizations that exemplify the spirit of service and philanthropy. Whether through charitable endeavors, humanitarian aid, or community development projects, recipients of this award make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others, embodying the principles of compassion and empathy.

    7. Next Generation/Youth: This award recognizes young people who are making a difference in their communities through leadership, activism, innovation, or volunteerism. It celebrates their passion, creativity, and dedication to addressing pressing social, environmental, or humanitarian challenges, inspiring positive change for future generations.

    8. Sports/Recreation: This category honors individuals or organizations that promote participation in sports, recreation, or physical activity to enhance the well-being and quality of life of individuals and communities. Whether through coaching, organizing events, or advocating for inclusive and accessible opportunities, recipients of this award inspire others to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

    9. Food/Restaurant: This award celebrates culinary excellence, innovation, and commitment to sustainability and community engagement within the food industry. Whether through culinary creations, responsible sourcing, or initiatives to combat food insecurity, recipients of this award contribute to a vibrant and resilient food culture that nourishes both body and soul.

    10. Neighbor: This category recognizes individuals or groups who foster a sense of community, compassion, and support among neighbors. It honors acts of kindness, generosity, and neighborly solidarity that strengthen social bonds, promote mutual aid, and create inclusive and vibrant neighborhoods where everyone feels valued and supported.


    Rubric: This is a copy of the rubric our selection committee will use for awarding the History Maker Awards in the specified categories:

    1. Impact (40%): Evaluate the tangible impact of the nominee's actions or initiatives within their respective category. Consider factors such as the scale of the impact, the number of people affected, and the lasting benefits created for the community or environment.

    2. Innovation (20%): Assess the degree of innovation demonstrated by the nominee in addressing challenges or advancing goals within their field. Look for creative solutions, novel approaches, or groundbreaking ideas that distinguish the nominee's contributions from conventional practices.

    3. Commitment (20%): Evaluate the nominee's level of dedication and perseverance in pursuing their goals or supporting their cause over time. Consider factors such as the duration of their involvement, the consistency of their efforts, and their willingness to overcome obstacles or setbacks.

    4. Community Engagement (20%): Examine the nominee's ability to engage and collaborate with others, including community members, stakeholders, or partner organizations, to achieve shared objectives. Consider the inclusivity of their approach, the extent of community involvement, and the effectiveness of their communication and collaboration efforts.

    5. Additional Considerations: Take into account any additional criteria specific to each category, such as adherence to ethical standards, demonstration of leadership qualities, promotion of diversity and equity, or alignment with the values and mission of the award program.


    To ensure equity in judging, the following measures will be implemented:

    1. Anonymous Review Process: All nominations will be stripped of identifying information such as names, genders, ethnicities, and other personal details before being reviewed by the judging panel. This ensures that judgments are based solely on the merits of the nominee's achievements and contributions within their respective category, without any biases related to their identity.

    2. Focus on Impact and Actions: Judges will be instructed to focus on the tangible impact and actions of the nominees rather than personal characteristics or backgrounds. Criteria for evaluation will emphasize the outcomes and results of the nominee's efforts, such as the scale of impact, effectiveness of initiatives, and benefits created for the community or environment.

    3. Use of Standardized Rubric: A standardized rubric, based on objective criteria such as impact, innovation, commitment, and community engagement, will be provided to all judges. This ensures consistency and fairness in the evaluation process, guiding judges to assess nominees based on predetermined factors rather than subjective opinions or biases.

    Award winners will be announced in early May.  


    To nominate a person click on this link:  Nomination Form  

    Or type in the following URL:  https://forms.gle/oyBz7Z5S2QrPiS9b7 


    If you have any questions or concerns please email Wendy Moore, Executive Director at *****@****.***.   

    Why should you sponsor?

    1. Alignment with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Goals: So, imagine you're a company with big dreams beyond just making money. You want to make a positive impact, right? Our event shines a spotlight on people and organizations doing good in areas like health, education, environment, and community service. Sponsoring us means you're showing the world you care about the same things, boosting your reputation as a socially responsible company.

    2. Brand Visibility and Recognition: Picture this: you're a sponsor at our event, and who's in the audience? Community leaders, activists, educators, volunteers—basically, the who's who of folks who care about making the world a better place. By sponsoring us, your brand gets seen by all these influential people, giving you major street cred in the socially conscious crowd.

    3. Targeted Audience Engagement: Ever heard of hitting the bullseye? That's what happens when sponsors support our event. We're all about recognizing community history makers, and our audience eats that stuff up. So if you're a sponsor, you get to connect with folks who are all about social causes and community development—basically, your kind of people.

    4. Positive Association and Brand Image: Imagine being known as the company that cares. By sponsoring our event, you're associating your brand with all the good stuff—social responsibility, compassion, community engagement. That's like having a big neon sign that says, "Hey, we're the good guys!" It's a win-win because it helps you build stronger relationships with your current customers and attracts new ones who dig ethical and socially conscious brands.

    5. Networking and Relationship Building: So, you know how important it is to have friends in high places, right? Well, sponsoring our event is like getting a VIP pass to the cool kids' table. You'll rub elbows with award recipients, community leaders, and other sponsors—people who could open doors to future collaborations, partnerships, or business opportunities. It's all about building those relationships, folks.

    6. Demonstration of Leadership and Support: Last but not least, sponsoring our event isn't just about getting your name out there—it's about showing the world you're a leader in making a difference. When you support us, you're saying loud and clear, "We're not just about profits; we're about making the world a better place." And you know what? That kind of leadership inspires others to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

    Wendy Moore

    The McCandless/Northern Allegheny Heritage and Cultural Center is a small historical musuem staffed entirely by volunteers - including myself the Executive Director.   We believe in perserving the history of our region and celebrating the  cultures in our community.

    In addition to running the musuem, I am a high school history teacher.  I use, as do others in the region, our materials to make history come alive for our students and patrons of the musuem.

    The money we raise with this gala will go towards keeping our building and free programing for young and old, as well as, to expand what we can offer.   Our goal is to have a community oral history center, where people and come in and hear each others stories.   We have oral histories from WWII veterans, as well as, memories from closed West View Park - a small amusement park, but no way to share these stories.  This gala will enable us to create an Oral history room called "Community connections" to record and share these stories.

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