Thu, Mar 01 - Mon, Mar 01 2021


Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

  • About the event

    Youth are served. HEROES SQUARE is a Real-Time Forum were Great Minds, Leaders and Industry Experts Converge/Congregate to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, INFORM, ENTERTAIN and ENCOURAGE each other and the  Youth with the Chief aim of improving the Quality of Lives, Inspire Character Reformation and Amplify Mind Re-Orientation.

    At HEROES SQUARE, we discus and learn about any and everything from Love/Relationships to Marriage/Family, Business/Finance to Employment/Career, Personal Development to Leadership as well as create voluminous direct and indirect economic opportunities for the Youth. 

    HEROES SQUARE is a preliminary programme of ACE YOUTHQUAKE MEDIA.  We believe it’s far easier to build a Dynamic Youth than repair Broken Men. Most of the major cataclysms facing today’s youth defies ethnic, religious or racial impetus. These catastrophic challenges include but not limited to: Emotional and Identity Crisis, Impaired Self Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Hopelessness, Moral Destitution and Mediocrity.

    ACE YOUTHQUAKE MEDIA, a Registered Business with Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria, is a Digital Media Company which serves as a Motivational and Inspirational Arsenal that offers values/moral education to the youth on Emotional Competency (a basic life skill required for Effective Leadership and a Dynamic Life) through Oratory & Motion Pictures

    Why should you sponsor?


    Participating as a sponsor at HEROES SQUARE can propel you exponentially straight to your target market and demonstrate your level of support and commitment to Youth and Human Development.

    HEROES SQUARE can provide your organisation with:

    • Maximum exposure to 3.8 billion potential clients.
    • More opportunities to network with industry leaders and key decision makers.
    • A cost-effective way to reinforce your organisation's brand and build brand awareness amongst a relevant audience.
    • Access to a broad network of industry partners from state and federal Government departments and the private sector.
    • Time to present latest innovations and new products or services to a pertinent audience, and showcase your expertise and capabilities.
    • Increased marketing opportunities including visibility on our website, inspirational videos and associated marketing materials.

    We understand that your organisational needs may not necessarily fit into the prescribed levels outlined in this document, and we therefore invite you to discuss with us alternative options available to tailor/make a sponsorship package that best suits your organisation.



    With the help of sponsors, we can purchase our major equipment/tools of the trade like high end Entry Level/Amateur Video Cameras, microphones and office space/stationery, allowing us to concentrate our creativity and revenue on staff salary/welfare and business development/expansion.

    Osim Joseph

    OSIM JOSEPHSM is an Orator and Social Entrepreneur with an exceptional competence in evolving Youth, Leadership and Social Development Indices. A goal oriented and dexterous creature with rapid learning potential and with over a decade experience in Information Technology and Entrepreneurship. Talented for evolving innovative ideas that facilitates smooth operations and optimal functionality. Possesses strong Leadership skills and persuasive capability that allows for motivating colleagues and augmenting client base.

    Born in 1985, OSIM JOSEPH℠ is a gifted and Dynamic Nigerian Youth, A Chartered Manager in the Making, a Leadership Development Consultant, an Information Technologist, an Unsung Psychologist, a Graphic Designer, a Web Designer/Developer, an Event Photo/Videographer, Author, and a Writer with an excellent capability in developing a formidable Youth, Leadership and Social Development indices. A NOBLE fellow with an unmatched craving for a Personal, Family, and Social Development.








    ♦ABOUT LIFE:         Live... and Let Live.

                                     It is Good to be GOOD.

    ♦ABOUT WEALTH: He is truly a wealthy man; whose wealth is a stanch incarnation of the value he creates for others, and nothing more.

    More about me at: www.osimjoseph.com

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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