Sun, Jun 25 2017

Gallery & Networking Happy Hour,

Dodge City, Washington, District of Columbia, United States Dodge City, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Cat Amazing

  • About the event

    Cat wardens face the same issue as their charges; we don't get the same opportunities to socialize, build relationships, or develop affiliations that strengthen our cause. Each event receives a detailed write-up to serve as a model and inspire other localities to take initiative.

    The event includes a viewing of an exhibit at the Archives of American Art followed by happy hour/lunch up the street. The latter portion of the afternoon runs runs for two hours and serves as a networking opportunity for national and regional figures in cat welfare, including lobbyists, shelter managers, TNRers, volunteers, and other active members of the cat-loving community in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

    Cat Hustler regularly organizes volunteer efforts, offbeat fundraisers, and community-building cultural events in the region. 


    Why should you sponsor?

    The social inclusiveness of animal welfare makes their volunteers a socially vast, formidable force in spreading brand awareness to unexpected places. This concentrated group of active, influential people has a broad age range (21-75), which equates a variety of means and platforms that your brand will be shared through; social media, brunches, offices, religious and political groups of all kinds, and beyond. 

    Anecdotally, cat advocates are fiercely loyal to brands, especially those that express interest in or support of rescue work. Addressing them personally, thorugh the power of food, will earn you an informal street team. 

    Julia Grosz

    My name is Julia Grosz; I'm the founder of Cat Hustler, non-profit organization that teaches shelters and rescues how to increase cat adoptions through enhanced marketing on social media platforms. Going into it's second year, Cat Hustler has been approved for 501(c)(3) status and works with groups from DC to Anchorage.  

    Because animal welfare is in a constant state of fundraising, I make an effort to keep events free for the target audience of shelter and rescue volunteers whose wallets are regularly tapped by their groups. I do not accept significant monetary donations (for ethical and tax purposes), and find In Kind donations to be a more meaningful demonstration of support. 

    In addition to these networking parties, I host "Mensch Squad" events, in which volunteers from around the region rally to assist a brick-and-mortar animal care facilities with improvements, chores, or a project. Our last one involved building a pen for rescue goats at a cat sanctuary that had recently fallen victim to a fire. This "I want you, not your money" approach has facilitated life-saving relationships between participating non-profits, shelters, and volunteers while earning Cat Hustler a reputation for authenticity and integrity. 

    By day, I work as a geologist in both the lab and field. Cat Hustler is a second full-time job that addresses a previously vacant niche in animal welfare, and it's a pleasure to regularly lose sleep over making it awesome.

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