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FxFashion: Lights, Camera, Fashion,

London, England, United Kingdom London, England, United Kingdom

  • About the event

    Lights, Camera, Fashion is a fashion show taking place at Stationer's Hall in London on Sunday 25th February 2025.

    Step into the vibrant realm of our runway production, a meticulously curated showcase and celebration of innovative, underrepresented designers who bring a cascade of fresh, diverse, and enthralling designs to the fashion industry. Our event transcends the conventional fashion show, emerging as a celebration that not only spotlights creativity but also narrates the compelling stories of designers who redefine the boundaries of fashion. 

    At Lights, Camera, Fashion, we weave dreams into the fabric of reality, providing emerging talents with a stage to shine and a launchpad to elevate their designs into thriving businesses. Here, attendees don't just witness a display of groundbreaking designs; they immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of innovation, engaging in enlightening dialogues and experiences that shape the future narratives of fashion. 

    Moreover, our event is a powerhouse of networking opportunities, where designers, industry professionals, and fashion enthusiasts converge, forging connections and collaborations that extend beyond the runway. It’s a melting pot where ideas, expertise, and opportunities amalgamate, providing fertile ground for collaborations, partnerships, and growth. 

    Join us, as we craft a future where every designer is celebrated, every voice amplified, and every creation acknowledged and appreciated, all while forging connections that will define the future of fashion.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Unparalleled Reach: Partnering with FxFashion UK means tapping into our expansive network, connecting your brand with a vast audience that spans continents and millions of people. Yes, millions!

    Direct the Spotlight: Take charge of episodes on our YouTube series, setting themes, and featuring designers, thereby positioning your brand amidst fashion pioneers.

    Diverse Global Audience: Our platform isn't just vast; it's varied. Benefit from the unique opportunity to resonate with both local niche communities and global masses simultaneously. 

    Trendsetter Association: With FxFashion UK constantly pushing boundaries and setting trends, your brand will be synonymous with the avant-garde, always a step ahead in the fashion world.

    Engaging Giveaways: Leverage our reach to engage audiences. Offer enticing prizes, capture invaluable data, and expand your brand's community.

    Spotlight with Best Dressed: Ignite excitement by sponsoring a 'Best Dressed' prize at our event, creating buzz and offering attendees a chance to win vouchers from your brand. 

    Tunji Quadri

    I've been fortunate to embark on an incredible journey in the realm of fashion marketing over the last ten years. As the founder and driving force behind FxFashion for the past nine years, I've dedicated myself to shaping this platform that is now accredited by the esteemed British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week.

    My passion lies in orchestrating events that transcend the ordinary, infusing them with creativity, innovation, and strategic finesse. Each event under the FxFashion banner mirrors my vision—an amalgamation of style, artistry, and meticulous execution. These events have not just set industry standards; they've redefined them, leaving an indelible mark on fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

    Beyond the glamour of events, my expertise extends to mastering the business facets of the fashion industry. With a keen eye for trends, an in-depth understanding of social media dynamics, and an instinctive grasp of market demands, I've propelled FxFashion into an iconic platform. My stewardship has seen FxFashion evolve into a hub where creativity converges with commerce, setting new benchmarks in social media management, fashion curation, and event execution.

    My journey has been shaped by an unwavering commitment to innovation and an unrelenting drive to push boundaries. Through magnetic leadership, I've steered FxFashion to remarkable heights while cementing my position as an influential figure within the fashion fraternity.

    As I continue scripting new chapters of success, my legacy remains embedded in the fabric of the fashion industry—an embodiment of indomitable spirit, unparalleled expertise, and an unwavering dedication to crafting a future where fashion isn't just an art but an experience.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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- The main sponsor for the YouTube shows - "FxF Model Search in Partnership with XYZ". - This partners logo will be ever-present on the screen of each YouTube episode. - Interactive Oasis: A space at the event for attendees to connect with your brand. - Digital Dynamo: Engage audiences with unique challenges or activations in the YouTube series. - Dedicated full page spread in the event day magazine to promote anything the sponsor chooses to. - Opportunity to give away free samples or get guests to join a mailing list by scanning QR code. - Premium placement on main stage, event banners, digital screens, and attendee badges.

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