Sat, Dec 05 2020

FaceOff x Norway,

Nordstrand Arena, Nordstrand, Oslo, Norway Nordstrand Arena, Nordstrand, Oslo, Norway
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  • About the event

    What is FACEOFF?

    FACEOFF is a new and fast-growing platform and movement culture. With elements from gymnastics, tricking, breakdancing and parkour, we entertain and amaze spectators in Scandinavia and the rest of the world through live streaming. 

    FACEOFF brings together the best athletes in the sport in a unique competition that is constantly pushing the limits of what the human body are capable of.

    Through six unique disciplines, the talented athletes creates an unpredictable and highly entertaining show filled with amazing tricks, heavy rhythms and fire that captures and inspires the audience. The rules in the competition are easy and straightforward. In its simplicity, the rules motivates the athletes to think creative, push the boundaries and perform - to the best of their ability.

    In other words, FACEOFF is the necessary facelift that gymnastics needs in order to reach new heights and popularity. Because of the simple but appealing set of rules, FACEOFF is attractive and entertaining for a wide audience at all ages.

    The competition, the set-up, the rules and the atmosphere are designed to promote and strengthen the athletes' individual skills and extraordinary performance. At FACEOFF we and the audience clap and salute the athletes when they dare to think in new ways - also when it dosen’t goes as plan. Normally in gymnastics you only clap when you do as supposed to, and you get punished for pushing the sport, not at our competition. 

    Athletes are judged on their ability to capture and amaze the audience as well as the judges, through creativity, attitude, skill, showmanship and personality.

    The competition is held in a tightly packed arena, where attitude, celebration, awesomeness, freedom, diversity and creativity are key words for athletes as well as for the audience.


    We strive to be the cutting edge of action sports and to create the best enviroment for gymnastics, urban movement and youth culture


    We want to promote and inspire an active lifestyle without limitations. We want to take the lead, showing creativity and innovation in gymnastics, and it's forms of movement. It's our goal to strengthen the gymnastics community, and inspire others to be active, creative, innovative and develop gymnastics to new heights. We dream of creating a community for both experienced and the newly active.



    Why should you sponsor?

    As a FACEOFF Partner, you are a valued member of our family and co-sender on an innovative and sometimes nerve-wracking sports platform, where movement, talent development, entertainment and community are at the center of our actions.

    The purpose of our partnerships is to be able to provide a new and proactive platform where athletes can develop their skill set, and the general public can be inspired, amazed and entertained. 

    FACEOFF is a space where participants and audiences can exchange and share individual and shared goals, enthusiasm and joy, all in tandem with the relentless pyro effects and deep music tunes. 

    FACEOFF wants to accelerate and activate our partners in a diverse and creative way of doing things.. We think highly about what we do, but we take our partnerships more seriously than ourselves. We dare where others are silent and we believe it’s important to create events that most people did not know they wanted to experience, or haven’t had the opportunity to do so before. Together with our partners, we must challenge and develop the potential of the sport and the athletes through a sustainable and most wholly entertaining experience. 

    Through partnerships, we have the opportunity to expand people's horizons, influence to an active lifestyle, gather and bring both participants and audiences closer together, through unique events i Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and soon the world. 

    As a partner, you are part of a quantum leap in our sport, and a part of a unique community in one of the biggest sports genres in the world. 


    FACEOFF is a multi-sided platform that connects audiences with commercial partners who showcase their products and services to the events. FACEOFF creates value for commercial partners through live events, live- stream and Social Media as we attract our partners main target audience while exposing partners services and products.


    Who is coming and where are they coming from? 

    Newly hatched teenagers, college students and newly family fathers. We attract the whole range of people who are interested in gymnastics, parkour and extreme sports in general.

    The last two years in Denmark, we have encountered a wide range of spectators. There is no doubt that the male sex causes the weight bowl to tip a bit. But in the recent years we have seen an increase in women attending the competitions. 

    Common to all followers on social media and the audience is, that they all share the same passion for the sport, and are thrilled because of this new approach to gymnastics.

    Over the past year we have seen a greater support from the very young teens from 13-17 year olds and the 25-34 year olds. The greater connection from the very young people is mainly due to the fact that we have increased our efforts at many schools in Denmark. This year it has been possible for school students to select FACEOFF as subject at four of the country's largest gymnastics schools. The fact that we have greater support from the group 25-34 years is probably due to the fact that FACEOFF is running for the fifth year. Those who followed from the beginning have grown older and are largely acting as ambassadors / advocates for FACEOFF.

    13 - 17 year olds: 
    Channels: Mainly Instagram, then Facebook 
    Interests: Gymnastics, dance, parkour and extreme sports
    Residence: School 50% - Home-based 50% 
    Life phase: Considering their next educational step

    18 - 24 year olds: 
    Channels: Equally distributed between Facebook and Instagram 
    Interests: Gymnastics, dance, parkour and extreme sports 
    Residence: 20% resident - 80% living on their own. 
    Life phase: Starting to find a foothold. Which study? Where should they live? - etc.

    25 - 34 years old:  
    Channels: Facebook and Instagram
    Interests: Gymnastics, dance, parkour and extreme sports 
    Residence: Looking for the place to settle down. 
    Life phase: Finishing education, freshly baked parents and ready to settle down. 


    Our online strategy is simple! We give the target group what they want.


    Organic reach and great content
    Over the last five years, we have made a great effort into the content we post on social media! Our online strategy is simple! We give the target group what they want. Over the last four years we have tested various content forms, tones of voice and messages. The tone of voice we use is fresh and challenging, so the target audience often sits back with a smile on their face. The content that clearly wins the target group attention and heart is video content with fast clips and heavy rhythms.

    Henrik Moum

    Hi, my name is Henrik and I'm a 30 year old gymnastics fanatic from Norway.

    I have a bachelors degree in events and tourism and been hosting different events throught my still young career. 

    Norwegian Chapionship in Gymnastics main host 2017
    FaceOff x Norway main host 2019
    Various gymnastic events between 2014-2020

    Team leadership
    The team behind FACEOFF consists of 12 creative and sometimes odd thinking heads who constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible to create and what the athletes can do. Driven by creativity, passion for gymnastics and the mission to redefine limitations in our sport, the team works close together with selected partners and industry professionals. Professionally, the team behind FACEOFF consists of chaos pilots, digital marketing nerds, graphic designers and engineers who, together, continuously put pressure on the many possibilities of the sport and the culture. 

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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

    75% Male Attendees

    25% Female Attendees

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