ETX Youth Camp

Huntsville, Texas, United States
Wed, Jul 06 - Sat, Jul 09 2022

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Huntsville, Texas, United States Huntsville, Texas, United States
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Our 2022 theme is Reach and Be Rooted. What does it mean? It means that as we navigate our walk with the Lord, we must remember to remain grounded in his word. The society that we live in preaches and teaches something new every minute. Standards, trends, and practices are quickly straying away from what the word of God says. Although this world may change, his word never will. If his word is to remain the same, then our foundation must not be shaken but firm. It's time for a generation to "Arise" and not be fearful of being different. As we learn to be rooted in him, it is also important to remember others. It is easy to become selfish Christians and forget about unbelievers and the needs they have. There are many people that still need to be reached and discipled. So will you go and reach them? Will you have love for them? Will you have grace? And will you help disciple them? In 2022, lets reach others and be rooted.


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Because of East Texas youth camp, many young lives have been transformed and saved from depression, suicide, and addictions. If it weren't for ETX youth camp, many young souls out there would be lost, confused, and destroyed. ETX youth camp is a wonderful event where many young people find their purpose in life and learn how to serve God with all their hearts. Also, the youth go home from camp and testify to other young people about what God did to them at youth camp. From those testimonies, more young people are reached and can come to the feet of Jesus Christ. Just like Paul said in Romans 1:16, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile."

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The East Texas District Messengers of Peace board consists of three main leaders: Youth President Angel Mendez, Youth Secretary Bethany Montes, and Youth Treasurer Jacob Andrade. They also have a committee board comprised of some local youth leaders who give them additional support and feedback. These young people collaborate with one another and share a deep passion for serving other young people and helping them in their struggles. We organize events and programs like church camp, annual conferences, and connect groups to help us achieve our main goal: reaching young people and bringing them to the feet of Jesus Christ so that they may receive the gift of salvation.

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