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    Warzone Online Tournament Sponsorship Packages

    We are excited to organize a landmark online Warzone tournament for the launch of VoteClash, an innovative platform that acts as a battleground for predictions, designed to enhance the streaming experience. It allows fans to engage directly with their favorite streamers' gameplay by predicting various outcomes and events as they unfold live. This interactive feature not only increases viewer engagement but also adds an exciting layer of participation during streams, making every moment more engaging and interactive for the audience. For this tournament, we are thrilled to collaborate with our esteemed partner, Garrett Wilson, widely recognized as GrandmasterGojj or Gojj. Garrett is a seasoned esports caster with a focus on first-person shooters, especially battle royale games. He brings a wealth of experience from over 130 events, including major ones like the $600k World Series of Warzone Global LAN and the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Global Launch. Through our partnership with Garrett and his organization, we have a tremendous track record of delivering engaging and professionally casted events. We are planning to host monthly tournaments featuring a variety of games to continuously engage and excite our community.

    Fiscal Target
    Our aim is to generate robust sponsorship support, with a substantial portion allocated to a $20,000 prize pool for the competitors.

    Target Audience: A Snapshot

    • Predominantly male (63% of Twitch users).

    • Key age demographic: 18-65+ years old, capturing 95,1%.

    • A significant portion of users engage via mobile devices, with Twitch app downloads exceeding 100 million.

    • Diverse platform-use with the highest engagement on YouTube (60%) and Facebook (58%), followed by Instagram, Discord, and others.

    Upside Potential
    Our tournaments feature top Twitch streamers whose social media channels reach millions of followers. While we can't track every aspect of this audience's engagement, the potential for exposure is huge. Partnering with us opens the door to connecting with a vibrant and extensive gaming community, oaering significant visibility for your brand.

    Expected Impressions KPI:
    Average Peak Viewer: 22K, Average Viewer: 15K,
    Average Total Viewer: 450K (potential reach across Twitch, Youtube and Facebook).

    Why should you sponsor?

    Key Points for Sponsoring Your Tournament

    1. Targeted Audience Reach:
      • Access a predominantly male audience aged 18-65+, which is a prime demographic for many brands, especially those in technology, gaming, and lifestyle sectors.
      • Engage with users who are highly active on mobile devices and accustomed to using apps for entertainment, making them receptive to innovative marketing.
    2. High Engagement Levels:
      • Benefit from the high engagement rates typical of Twitch streams and esports events, where viewers are actively involved and invested in the content.
      • Leverage interactive elements of the tournament that keep viewers entertained and engaged, increasing the chances for deeper brand integration.
    3. Brand Visibility:
      • Enjoy prominent logo placement and mentions throughout the tournament, ensuring high visibility among attendees and viewers.
      • Custom-produced segments and exclusive naming rights for the event or key matches enhance brand recognition and recall.
    4. Social Media Amplification:
      • Tap into the extensive reach of popular Twitch streamers’ social media channels, which cumulatively reach millions of followers globally.
      • Benefit from organic shares and mentions, which extend the reach beyond the live event, offering additional exposure without extra cost.
    5. Long-term Content Impact:
      • Gain from ongoing visibility through event replays, highlights, and VODs that continue to attract viewers long after the event concludes.
      • This extended exposure ensures that the sponsorship impact lasts longer than the event duration, enhancing the overall ROI.
    6. Community Goodwill:
      • Align your brand with a community-centered event that is designed to bring fans and gamers together, fostering a positive brand association.
      • Participate in a culture that values competition, entertainment, and community engagement, which can enhance your brand's image as supportive and involved in the gaming community.
    7. Diverse Sponsorship Packages:
      • Choose from a variety of sponsorship levels and types, from main event sponsors to game and break sponsors, allowing for flexibility in marketing budgets and goals.
      • Take advantage of early bird discounts and bundle savings, making the sponsorship more cost-effective and tailored to specific needs.
    8. Innovative Engagement Models:
      • Utilize VoteClash’s unique prediction battleground, which offers a novel way for viewers to interact with the gameplay, thereby increasing the duration and depth of audience engagement during the tournament.
    9. Potential for Audience Expansion:
      • The nature of online tournaments combined with streaming means potential global reach, offering an opportunity to expand your audience internationally.
    10. Strategic Brand Positioning:
      • Position your brand at the forefront of esports and digital innovation, aligning with cutting-edge technology and trends that appeal to a tech-savvy, young audience.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    63% Male Attendees

    37% Female Attendees

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