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The Kanchenjunga Marathon,

Goecha La, Sikkim, India Goecha La, Sikkim, India
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  • About the event

    The Kanchenjunga Marathon was launched on 2015 by Sikkim Mountaineering Association in collaboration with Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation and duly inaugurated by the District Chief of west Sikkim and CEO of STDC.

    The unique Kanchenjunga Marathon starts at Goecha La (5002 m. / 16,400 ft.) and ¬finishes at Yuksom (1780 m.), first capital of Sikkim. 

    With a generous course time limit of 8 hours the race is open to both serious runners and more casual participants who may be more interested in the cultural and heritage aspects of the park. 
    Additional activities include visits to the cultural sites of Kanchenjunga, and one of the most beautiful trekking trails of Kanchenjunga National Park.

    This event is a costly venture with police support, insurance, licensing and permit fees, athlete perks,
    timing and other expenses. While the entry fees will offset some of the expenses they will not offset
    all of the anticipated expenses. 

    For the event to be successful and continue to grow year after year sponsorship is being sought from local and national businesses. The Kanchenjunga Marathon had a positive immediate impact on the local economy and we are offering many different sponsorship opportunities.

    Why should you sponsor?

    The origin of the Kanchenjunga marathon is a small seed which will hopefully germinate into something beautiful…

    While a small start, we are hopefully that we can slowly start changing the fixed concepts and closed mindsets of our community so that this event can create social and economical revolution with positive impacts on Sikkimese society and economy.

    21st century living has changed all our lives to a certain extent; some more some less and an accompanying baggage of good and bad impacts.

    Overall life has more comforts and luxury not imagined a decade or more ago but it has also affected our society socially, mentally and physically. Now though creature comforts are available we have more tensions, frustrations and physically live more unhealthy lifestyles. 

    This has not only affected us but our children and younger generation too, which has led to a sedentary lifestyles, increase in indulgent activities, alcohol abuse, drugs and bad health.

    Our marathon is a small step forward to encourage our communities and people to venture out, enjoy (Mother Nature – which most of us seem to have forgotten) and be active in physical sports. 

    It is a way to demonstrate that running can help us rejuvenate ourselves physically, socially and mentally. It is not necessary being first but rather the act of completing the race gives us pride and confidence that everything is indeed possible if one puts ones foot (mind) to it…

    This feeling and experience of euphoria that comes on completion of a race is an invaluable emotion that can lead to a more vibrant and healthy future.

    As per WHO statistics out of the top 10 causes of death in India (and growing) the first four are;

    Ischaemic heart disease                              (12.4%) and growing since 2012
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease         (10.8%) and growing since 2012
    Stroke                                                        (9%)
    Diabetic                                                      (5%) and growing

    Death between ages 30 and 70, from 4 major non communicable diseases (NCDs) ~ 26%
    ~ Cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes

    India today boasts the largest population of diabetic patients in the world, and is also known as the diabetic capital of the world - not a very proud fact. Besides this from our population, 11.1 percent suffer from blood glucose problems, 23.1 percent suffer from blood pressure and 25 percent from tobacco aged 15 plus. Life lost has also increased by 9%, which means 9 percent of our normal old age life is crippled or impaired due to paralysis and severe disabilities.

    It is time – time for all of US to be proactive in promoting healthier lifestyles for a better and safer future for our kids and theirs.

    Marathons as a sport, primarily develops health but it also helps builds up social skills and self confidence. The latter aspect is very important for growing children and young adults as it helps them overcome life’s obstacles.
    Marathons like other events if organised professionally, with vision and dedication also has huge multiplier factors that impact the local economies and communities.

    Social & Cultural impacts 
    Growth in travellers, gives rise to cultural exchanges. These have both positive and negative factors that need to be monitored and acted upon accordingly. Inter-cultural exchanges lead to people becoming more aware of the global village we live in; our shared concerns and create a positive environment and platform for peace.

    Tourism fosters and increase international people to people understanding, cooperation, environment concerns, heritage, and through these initiatives and ideas to bring about a peaceful and eco sustainable world.

    Another effect is of the growing trend of social cause runners. These runners run to raise funds for causes dear to them or to help local social causes. This gives an impetus to grow our local social associations and charities that help the local communities they work in. 

    It is why, because of the above underlined reasons that we have dedicated ourselves in fostering this, ‘the Kanchenjunga Marathon’ - Sikkim’s first high altitude marathon.

    All these are not possible immediately as shown by the Boston marathon or other events over the globe. These events take a few years to mature and bloom as does the Kanchenjunga marathon.

    Wangpin Thondup

    Initially founded as Sikkim Amateur Mountaineering Association, is now officially recognised and registered as Sikkim Mountaineering Associations (SMA). SMA was formed to encourage, promote and introduce adventure activities including mountaineering to the youth of Sikkim and also promote Adventure Tourism for a sustainable community.

    Registered in 2005, SMA has progressed far with many laurels to its name. SMA is the official repository for ‘Liason Officers’ of choice for the state government on any expeditions within and outside the state.

    SMA is also the chief high altitude logistic man-power provider for the State for the Indian Government sponsored Kailash Manasarovar Yatra.

    Sikkim Mountaineering Association and its members also provide helpful hands for rescues during natural calamities with-in and outside the state.

    SMA also provides training in BMC, AMC, Adventure & eco-sustainable adventure and tourism, capacity and leadership programs and courses to its members and community.

    Aims & Objectives of Sikkim Mountaineering Association

    1. To inculcate leadership qualities among the youth
    2. To create communal harmony in the areas they belong, inculcate the spirit of adventure in the youths. 
    3. Create environmental awareness in the youth.
    4. Create job opportunities through adventure.
    5. Organize state, national and international trekking camps/ major expeditions.
    6. Organize international youth exchange programs & mountaineering through various interested organizations.
    7. A helping hand during natural calamities both within and outside state.
    8. Work as liaison officer for all major expeditions and trekking in state of Sikkim and outside the state (IMF expedition).
    9. Provide trek experienced guides and high altitude pathfinder for travels agents and tourism both within and outside state.
    10. Setting up a reading room library and information center for important information in various fields.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    60% Male Attendees

    40% Female Attendees

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