Sat, Oct 28 2023

Concert Enigma,

Алматы, Алматинская область, Kazakstan Алматы, Алматинская область, Kazakstan

  • About the event

    The mysterious Enigma project will once again perform in Kazakhstan!

    With three Grammy nominations, 70 million albums sold, and over 100 gold and platinum certified album sales, Enigma is a force to be reckoned with. Despite these staggering numbers, the project has never toured or performed live.

    "Sadeness," "Return to Innocence," "Gravity of Love," and many other hits will be performed live by the original members of the Enigma project. Michael Cretu, the German producer who founded Enigma in the 1980s, has charmed millions of listeners with the project's unique and cult-like sound. The synthesis of musical styles, Gregorian chants, ethnic psalms, church bells, organs, and similar instruments creates a very specific, atmospheric, and sometimes psychedelic sound. Enigma's massive album sales and their hidden faces have made them one of the most popular and enigmatic musical projects of the past decades.

    Inspired by Enigma's success, many artists and producers, including the Gregorian project, have emerged, performing contemporary pop and rock songs in a style inspired by Gregorian chants.

    The show will feature over twenty songs from various albums, ranging from "The Rivers of Belief" from their first album "MCMXC A.D" to the composition "Amen" recorded on their latest album "The Fall of a Rebel Angel."

    Andru Donalds says it will be a magical show and an unforgettable journey into the mesmerizing world of sounds and visuals with an unprecedented rendition of the songs.

    The "Original Enigma Voices" concert will take place on October 28th at Almaty Arena.

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  • 2501-5000 attendees expected

    60% Male Attendees

    40% Female Attendees

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