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Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Ram Kalyanam & India Culture Bazaar.,

Irvine, California, United States Irvine, California, United States

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    The Sree Seetha Ramachandra Swamy shrine at Bhadrachalam, the most famous temple in the country of India, dedicated to Lord Rama. The Temple is situated on the left bank of the Godavari river. It is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, considered to be one of the greatest holy shrines in South India with a very rich and unique historical background. The Temple was constructed in the 17th Century by the local Tahsildar, Kancharla Gopanna, popularly known as Bhakta Ramadas, a fervent devotee of Lod Sree Rama.


    The puranic and historic facts relate that Lord Rama long after he had shed his mortal coils manifested himself to save his devotee Bhadra Maharshi whom he promised 'moksha' after intensive prayer. That is why the village is named after Bhadra as Bhadradri or Bhadrachalam. Srirama appeared in a dream to a woman called Pokala Dammakka and informed here about the existence of vigrahas on Bhadragiri hills. To her surprise she found the Vigrahas and put up a modest structure. This was the origin of the present temple.

    Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam


    Rama and Sita represent the ideal Godly husband and wife in the Hindu religion mythology, who are revered and worshiped all over India. Rama's story, otherwise known as Ramayana, is a great Indian epic. 

    Kalyanotsavam literally means Marriage Festival is the re-depiction of the Celestial marriage between Seetha & Rama. It is performed to the Utsava Murti - of Sri Rama and Sita Devi. A purohit (priest) conducts the marriage and an archaka is consecrated to perform other rituals on behalf of the bridegroom. The wedding ceremony is held according to Agamas(rules) that were defined thousands of years before. This is followed by recitation of Vedic mantras and pronouncing the family pedigree of the brides and bridegroom. After the priests perform appropriate homas, the bridegroom and the bride are set next to each other. 

    This is followed by Mangala sutra dharana, Panigrahnam and then Lord and his consort are garlanded.


    OMKARMIC & Dr G Padmaja Reddy Present Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam

    We are very honoured and excited to share that deities of Sri Rama, Sri Sita Devi along with Sri Hanuman are coming to  CALIFORNIA,USA from Bhadrachalam (Telengana) to perform the celestial wedding  in January 2019 

    Kalyanam will be conducted by priests of Bhadrachalam temple with deities from Bhadrachalam. 

    Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam


    Kalyanam Significance:

    Sri Sita Rama Swami Vari Devaalayam in Bhadrachalam is one of the popular pilgrimage centers located on the left bank of the Godavari River and considered as a greatest holy shine not only in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States but also in the country. The temple has a rich historical background and was constructed in 17th Century by the local Tahsildar, Kancharla Gopanna, popularly known as Bhakta Ram Das, a devotee of Lord Rama.

    Sri Sita Rama Kalyana mahotsavam performed in Bhadrachalam by Bhadrachala Devastanam is also considered as one of the most important festive activities for all Hindus. As a tradition, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (now Bhadrachalam falls in to Telangana State) brings Pattu Vastraalu, Pearls as Talambraalu to this celestial wedding ceremony. Lakhs of devotees from all over the Country will come to Bhadrachalam to witness the Wedding as people believe that witnessing Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam is very pious in Hindu religion.

    Two Priests  are coming along with a set of Idols of Lord Sri Rama and Sita Amma Vaaru, Laxmana Swami, Anjaneya Swami and will perform the Kalyanam in the most authentic manner.


    MAR 9-10 2018 , CA, USA



    'We are very honoured and excited to share that deities of Sri Rama, Sri Sita Devi along with Sri Hanuman are coming 

    to USA from 

    Bhadrachalam (Telengana) to perform the celestial wedding  .

    Coming soon with more details

    Why should you sponsor?

    to connect with 5000 very high net worth Indian ,Hindu Families who are going to visit the Grand Celestial wedding of lord Rama & sita.

    Rajesh Bhatia



    TEAM KALYANAM  from India comprises of Dr G PadmajaReddy  and founders of Omkarmic - Rajesh Bhatia and Jyotsna Bhatia  

    Encouraging Peace & Religion - Retention of Faith for those who have no or low access to it outside India.

    Creating events to bring the community together




    Dr G Padmaja Reddy is a world famous Kuchipudi Dancer. A General assembly member of INDIAN COUNCIL FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS

    The Government of Telangana has bestowed upon Mrs Dr Gpadmaja Reddy the responsibility of conducting BHADRACHALAM SRI SITA RAMA KALYANAM around the world.

    Dr G Padmaja Reddy being a member of  INDIAN COUNCIL FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS, she has been instrumental in promoting Indian Culture to the world.

    Hyderabad’s Kuchipudi exponent Dr G. Padmaja Reddy recently performed at the PM’s residence.

    Kuchipudi dance exponent from the city, Dr G. Padmaja Reddy had the opportunity to be a part of this event and presented an abbreviated version of Bhamakalapam — an epic composition



    Born on 1 January 1967 at Pamarru village of Andhra Pradesh, Shrimati G Padmaja Reddy received her training in Kuchipudi dance under Shrimati Shobha Naidu. 

    Over the past decades, she has established herself as performer of Kuchipudi dance, as well as a dedicated teacher in the field. Shrimati G. Padmaja Reddy has performed and conducted seminars and workshops in several prestigious festivals within the country and abroad including Dubai, London, Paris, USA, Canada, Australia, Trinidad, Singapore, Thailand, and Germany. She is credited with composing several ballets. She has also established PRANAV - Institute of Kuchipudi Dance at Hyderabad and Florida where she imparts training to young dancers. 



    Shrimati G. Padmaja Reddy has received several awards and honours for her work in the field of dance including the Natya Visharadha presented by His Excellency Shankar Dayal Sharma, former President of India in 1994; and the Kalarathna conferred by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2006. 

    Shrimati G. Padmaja Reddy has also received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribution to Kuchipudi.




    Kuchipudi Performance by Dr G Padnmaja Reddy




    The Omkarmic Vision

     •Creating a world-class unmatched platform for the Spirituality & Religion Industry Worldwide.

    •Encouraging Peace & Religion - Retention of Faith for those who have no or low access to it outside India.

    •Building Trust - Let people shop online in this market without worries about the product. 

    •Tapping the USP of India – India is considered to be the holiest of countries. And we want the world to know and go with it!

    •Believe – We are believers, and we want that all believers get the best out of their belief in Krishna.


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  • 2501-5000 attendees expected

    37% Male Attendees

    63% Female Attendees

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