Sat, Jul 21 - Sat, Jul 20 2019

Battle of the Beats,

Tucson, Arizona, United States Tucson, Arizona, United States

  • About the event

    Good afternoon my name is David Woodard. I would love to hold and public event at Armory Park in Tucon, Arizona once a month, this nonprofit event would be great for the community and the City. The name of this venue would be called Battle of the Beats. This is where up and coming amateur local music producers can come out and compete with there music live in a competitive nature to where as there can be a form of a prize to the winner. We are not talking about bands we talking about individuals, in which the public are the judges. There is nothing like this in Tucson, and as far as I know the United State. A venue of this magnitude can bring out vendors, as well as sponsors that I’m also looking into, and it's open to the public. Compare this venue to popular shows like American Idol and the Voice in which is currently on television now. This is a platform for music producers only. This can bring out people who love music like myself, to come out and network amongst each other, as well as people who are already involved in the music industry professionally. I’m thinking this venue can start locally and grow globally then maybe even television. So with help from the City of Tucson you can help me breathe life in to this great opportunity others and myself it would be a blessing.


    Why should you sponsor?

    Cause theres nothing like this in my state, or city and a venue of this magnitude can difinitley go viral and maybe go to television.

    David Woodard

    My Name is David Woodard (Woody Wiz) Im a producer from NY now living in Tucson, Arizona, I've been in the industry for over 30 years professionally and nonprofessionally. I own and operate a recording studio out here in Tucson called Sound Innovations.

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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