ART BASEL MIAMI/ Broadcast Sponsor

Miami, Florida, United States
Thu, Dec 06 - Sun, Dec 09 2018

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Miami, Florida, United States Miami, Florida, United States
#Performing & Visual Arts  #Fine Art  #Exhibition

About our event

Art Basel's is the world-leader in conteporary art, and holds shows in Basel Switzerland, Hong Kong and Miami.

It connects collectors, galleries, and artists, and are a driving force in supporting the role galleries play in nurturing the careers of artists.

The recently launched Art Basel Cities initiative highlights local art scenes and facilitates international collaborations. The Art Basel publications The Art Market and the Art Market Principles and Best Practices are a commitment to increasing the transparency and accountability of the art market.

#WE Women's Empowerment Movement has struck a deal with Art Basel to broadcast the event on television and social media networks. By producing the braodcast it will help fund the #We Women's Empowerment Movement and help raise awarness to their cause.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

A sponsor should sponsor events because they get value for their sponsor dollars. By sponsoring the video production of this event they will be getting massive amounts of exposure on a continuous basis at a very reasonable cost.

We have the resource to reach over 100 million homes worldwide through network television and another 100 million social media impressions. If you do the math. 200 million possible impression devided by 50K equals 0.00025 per impression. That would be for the first showing one time of the video production. Since it is a video it can be broadcast again and again. Every time it is shown your sponsorship value increase. This can go on for one year or ten years.

Besides the finacial aspect of massive media exposure for very low cost there is the opportunity to help a good cause. Women's empowerment issues are becoming a corner stones to a well adjusted society. Women are a major market with a voice and increasing purchasing power. Any sponsor that supports women is recognizing a very powerful market.

By supporting ART BASEL it is supporting a creative outlet that gives women a voice. 

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ART BASEL was started in 1970 and has been going strong ever since. It is a well established event that draws large crowds of art enthusist and art buyers from around the world.

The #WE Women's Empowerment Movement is an unbrella organization that is uniting all the women empowerment and domestic violence organizations around the world. Buy joining forces and sharing recources they feel they can maximize their effectiveness. The organization will be self funded by hosting events like concerts and events.#WE is a register 501c charity. #WE can show documentaion confirming network broadcast and social media capacity.

All sponsorship funds will be dispersed by a third party well known entertainmwent attorney.

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