Around The World in 80 Screams Season 2

Ohio, United States
Thu, Aug 30 - Mon, Aug 12 2019

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Ohio, United States Ohio, United States
#Film, Media & Entertainment  #TV  #Screening

About our event

From August 13th to Halloween there is a streaming event called Around The World In 80 Screams. During those 80 days, the event will be streamed on over 23 Roku Channels. This will be an annual event. During each week, episodes will stream Horror Host shows from Horror Hosts around the world. The last three days leading to Halloween will involve exclusive content, interviews and more. 


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Any person or company that enjoys film, its history and where its going should want to sponsor this event. It's a chance to connect themselves or their brand with people all around the world through a streaming platform. This is an annual event and to hit the ground running as a sponsor for the launch year could not only be productive and beneficial for a brand but also possibly provide unique networking oppertunities. 

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I am an energetic, charismatic and well rounded entrepreneur. Most of what I have accomplished so far this year has been self taught and I have made great partnerships as well as friendships along the way. I'm a go getter, every idea I have I have at least one more "ballsier idea" (as I call them) that I chase after and to the surprise of some people it has paid off. Once the event is over it will also remain on our channels. So not only will sponsors be connected to the viewers during the event, but any and all viewers that will binge watch it later on in the years to come, around the world. It is a very unique and promising oppertunity, especially for any companies that would like to advertise as a sponsor.