Sat, Apr 01 2017

All In Cultural Night 2017,

University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malim Nawar, Perak, Malaysia University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malim Nawar, Perak, Malaysia
One Sponsor Confirmed
Sixbase Technology Sdn.Bhd

  • About the event

    All In Cultural Night 2017 aims to provide a platform for local and international students in UTAR to learn and benefit from performing in front of their peers and expert audiences and also to foster and promote their races culture as a basic human experiences. Besides that we also hope to provide an opportunity for local student & international student to interact and share their cultural knowledge and creativity. The expected number of participants for the event is 2500 audiences. 

    The main objective is giving the local student and international student to perform their best in showing their culture. Besides, this event also creates bond and crossover performance among local student and international student and various International Friendship Society to improve the whole quality of the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Kampar Campus’s culture performances.

    All the profit will be donated to orphanage and old folk home. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    Widespread Publicity and Positioning of Company’s Image

    For business corporations and companies, this event will be able to project your company’s image and brand in the eyes of the students and public community through:

    1. Promotional materials
    2. Company’s logo printed on banners and posters
    3. Distribution of company’s products
    4. Promotion of company’s products to encourage brand recognition

    This is accompanied by effective marketing plan as roadshow will be held prior to our events in various faculties around UTAR.

    Youth Leadership Development

    Your contribution would possibly increase the success of this event, which is and eye-opener for many undergraduates in terms of leadership skills. It would also be invigorating and refreshing to interact with a diverse group of proactive and energetic youth passionate about upholding their culture.

    Personal Development and Networking

    To be involved in our event is a great way for your company or organization to form connections with other business corporations and future youth leaders. By supporting our event, it will prove that your company or organization is advocating towards national development.

    Management and Learning Opportunities for Students

    Students who organize this event will learn to practice and refine their organizational skills, which will help them to enhance their employability and overall ability to contribute to the society.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Your partnership would enable your company to fulfil your „Corporate Social Commitment.

    Kian How Ng

    Name: Ng Kian How 

    Student ID: 14ABB04831. UTAR

    Position: Sponsorship Manager of All In Cultural Night 2017 

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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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