Fri, Apr 05 - Sun, Apr 07 2019

3G Weekend,

Houston, Texas, United States Houston, Texas, United States

  • About the event

    Great Girls Global (3G) Weekend is a motivating and purposefully strategic annual program for women 16 – 25 who seek to become great in their communities and beyond. This weekend is retreat style and provides intensive mentoring through leadership development, financial literacy, and community service.


    "This weekend is encouraging, empowering, and informative. Everyone gets to tap into their "magic" and you don't often get to do that with other women who want to see you excel."

    - Jordyn S. -

    Why should you sponsor?

    “Opportunity Youth,” also referred to as the “disconnected youth”  are approximately 4.9 million in the United States. Named this way, this group has had many disadvantages due to being disconnected from educational and employment experiences. When and if not addressed, outcomes for this group include poverty, long spells of unemployment, unethical behavior, substance abuse, and incarceration. This has major impact on the pockets of the average tax payer, costing upward of $13,900 - $37,450 per year per youth. 

    As an educator,  I have known their names and seen their faces.  Some already struggling with foundational content if not mastered could end up incarcerated or unemployed. Others are smart but lack confidence in their abilities and could end up engaging in unwanted behavior and continuing cycles of poverty. There are no win-wins here. They’ve lost. Their purposes have gone unfuillfied.You’ve lost with unpleasaant costs hitting you in your pockets.

    Why not engage in something thats a win- win for all? Providing educational, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities to the next generation who is our future. 

    Great Girls Global (3G) provides a solution to this reality by providing programming that increases educational experiences for opportunity youth through workshops, webinars, mentoring, and live events. In an effort to proactively equip the next generation with these tools, we are partnering with local organizations to begin training at the middle school level. 3G fully believes that by helping the next generation to grow, gain, and give, these harsh realities will lessen and the the negative financial impacts will turn into positive outcomes. 


    Ashley Martin

    Founder, Ashley Martin, envisions a world where every young woman thrives, is self-sufficient, but also interdependent.

    After serving 10 years in the public-school system, Ashley saw the needs that existed for so many but could not be fully addressed. On a weekend girls' trip, she discussed an idea with a few friends to bring the young women in their lives together for an intimate, in-depth weekend retreat to equip them with some tools needed to enter adulthood successfully. Growing personally, gaining financially, and giving back to their communities are among the key tools needed to be a productive member of society.

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  • 51-100 attendees expected

    3% Male Attendees

    97% Female Attendees

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