Sat, Jul 27 - Mon, Jul 29 2019

Women Empowering Women Slumber Party Shoot,

Michigan, United States Michigan, United States

  • About the event

    As a Female artist I have witnessed first hand in person and online Female-Female hate. Whether it be talking down to another Woman's face or through a screen, even behind her back, I've seen how "Mean Girls" is a reality to some, if not most Women, at some point in their life time. 


    As a Gal whose receiving services at Women In Transition, I understand the importance of creating a community of Women who support, inspire and ultimately Empower one another. 


    I've been called to create this photoshoot in order to bring Women from all walks of life together in a positive, creative atmosphere. 

    My vision is to captivate all of the Ladies in a laid back environment, enjoying themselves together to set example for everyone -from Men who label us, to Older Women who talk down on us - to the Young Girls that look up to us, that the negative stigmas we see, especially on social media, do not determine our worth as Women. If we stick together and build together, we will continue to rewrite history! 


    The Vibe of this shoot is going to be a “Slumber Party/ Girls Night In” 


    Why should you sponsor?

    This event is meant to bring women from all walks of life together in a positive atmosphere in order to create valuable content that you will be proud to represent. The funding is only for the location, all else I have covered. We are all coming together through art to create and express our uniqueness. 

    Madison Barense

    My name is Madison Barense, I’ll be 20 January 28th. I’m very ambitious and sometimes my goals & dreams scare me because they’re so BIG! After High School I completed a class to become a certified Medical Massage Therapist. I am continuing my education to become a Hollistic Health Practitioner. I found modeling to be one of my side hobbies in High School, along with modeling I really enjoy all forms of art. I truly believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, those words hold so much power to me. I currently receive Therapy services from Women In Transition, an organization that helps women coming out of abusive relationships as well as women recovering from sexual assault. Receiving services at WIT has opened my eyes to the importance of creating a supportive community among all women. I want to do this photo shoot because I feel like the message is strong and something I’ve needed in my life for so long. Thank you for taking your time to read about me and my event I hope to host! 

    I feel like I’m a little in over my head with the cost of the location we’re wanting to stay at. If you look in the Facebook group everyone voted on the house that’s on Lake Saint Clair in MI! It’s a beautiful home but I didn’t realize you had to stay a minimum of 2 nights which doubles the price and I promised the group no one would have to pay over $90 for the event ! As I have some single moms, young students and young professionals who all plan on coming. 

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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