The International Virtual Halal Expo/Summit 2020

Seattle, Washington, United States
Thu, Dec 03 - Sat, Dec 05 2020

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Seattle, Washington, United States Seattle, Washington, United States
#Business & Professional  #Startups & Small Business  #Exhibition

About our event

Covering Halal Ecosystem for Ethical Trade", the event provides the collaborative interaction between visitors, exhibitors, and speakers in a virtual realistic-looking lobby, booths, theatre, and Lounge that use AR/VR technology to make a gaming-like environment experience. Grow your business while gaming!

Many leaders and decision makers will be attending to explore how halal ecosystem is contributing and how it can add more value to ethical and fair trade. We will have major Muslim scholars, politicians, halal businesses including certification bodies to exchange ideas about redefining and expanding the meaning of halal. Yet, seek a solid collaboration to help businesses throughout the certification process and preserve the principles of fair and ethical trade.    


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Virtual events are interactive online events where exhibitors and visitors meet in a virtual reality instead of a physical world. The experience can enhance the traditional event experience by giving control over the benefits that can be achieved. We have chosen a platform where theoretically unlimited visitors capacity can be reached while a limited flexible space can be fullycustomized in a virtual environment with interactive content. The event is accessible using a computer or mobile phone and no VR glasses are required.

Exhibitors can create a showcase for their products & services based on their real application. They even can give an AR experience to visitors to view and try their products or create a door leading to a 3D walkthrough of their facilities. Virtual exhibitors can give a better experience by offering a wider range of demo options such as click-through facilities or products or services. Interact with visitors using many options of communication programs like Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom…etc




Logo on stage/lobby/lounge Promotional video On-stage recognition during the event Prominent logo on promotional marketing materials Prime location Option host a summit session Access to Executive Lounge Media coverage Award presenter 15 Executive passes




Logo on stage/lobby/lounge Promotional video On-stage recognition during the event Prominent logo on promotional marketing materials VIP booth Option host a summit session Access to Executive Lounge Media coverage 10 Executive passes




Logo on stage/lobby/lounge Promotional video Prominent logo on promotional marketing materials VIP booth Prime location Access to Executive Lounge 5 Executive passes



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Standard booth Live or recorded video Streaming interaction All communication tools for C2B and B2B Unlimited access to the summitt

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Archyast Blockchain Consultancy & Technologies with Halal Life International Platform are organizing the International Virtual Halal Expo/Summit 2020 covering the topic of Halal Ecosystem for Ethical Trade. The event has the contribution of many prominent and influential organizations, scholars, speakers, and artists. It is the perfect gathering for small businesses, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to discuss and redefine the way halal ecosystem can be deployed to promote and enforce ethical trade, food security, technology, and philanthropy.

HalalLife is a halal assurance platform established to globalize the halality of the supply chain for both businesses and consumers. HalalLife built to unify and standardize the halal assurance processes. The goal is to increase transactions’ efficiency and proficiency and assure full traceability and transparency of the halal supply chain. HalalLife Platform interconnects all the stakeholders via a fast-growing digital ecosystem that is built on trust and shared ledgers.

HalalLife is built based on the belief that there is a need to create a homogeneous supply chain ecosystem that assures quality, safety, and integrity of halal products. The platform assures that the required standards and processes are transparency and traceability. HalalLife is not a religious choice only, but it is a lifestyle derived from universal and humanistic principles.




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