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    The Midwest "Show Me Funny" Comedy Festival will include a $100,000 cash and prizes Comedy Competition. There will be 100 contestants with a break down of 10 comedians competing per show over a week. The Comedy Competition preliminary rounds will take place at night with a start time of 7:00 pm and there will be workshops the day of the competitions. One or more of the workshops will be held by Attorney LeTonya Moore for the contestants on brand protection. The workshop will be open for non contestants to attend with a ticket purchase. Another workshop will be on information to advance in the comedy industry. It will be held by well-known comedians/actors in the industry. This will also be a ticketed event for non contestants. Each show will have a different locally known or well-known comedy host each night. It is my wish to have this Comedy Festival every year and give back to the community.

    The final days of the event will be held at the St. Louis Convention Center with your help. It will include two days of the final rounds of the Comedy Competition at night and a 400 or more vendor/trade show in the daytime hours of the event. Some of the vendors will be well-known Comedians doing Meet and Greet at their vendor space. We are preparing to make Comedy History with this event! The grand finale will include a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD attempt to fill the St. Louis Dome!!  We would also like to include a comedy ball for the after party to celebrate our hard work pulling off this event. The finalist will perform in the Dome at the Guinness World Record attempt as part of their prize for winning the competition.

    This event will also be a fundraiser for the End Homeless Mission and a pay-it-forward to the community for helping us fill the Dome. The audience will have the opportunity to turn in their ticket for a raffle. The raffle will consist of payments for rent/mortgage payments or down payment to purchase a home. I have already begun partnering with other nonprofit organizations that would like to be a part of the End Homeless Mission to help bring more people out of homelessness. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    As a sponsor your company will benefit from the positive endorsement of your participation via residence seeking your products and services. Your Company's name will be advertised in all printed advertisements depending on the level of sponsorship. Your company will also be included on our entertainment websites. In addition we will include you in other scheduled events at the Sponsorship Tier of your choice. To ensure the success of The Midwest "Show Me Funny" Comedy Festival and the Guinness World Record attempt your help is needed as a vendor or sponsor. If you would like a vendor application send a request as soon as possible after you visit the vendor information page on the website. If you would like to be a sponsor, please reply with the Sponsorship Tier Level you want as soon as possible so we can get your company information added to all that is offered.

    It took years to get more people interested in joining me to plan this Comedy Festival. I am very passionate about this event and will be just as passionate representing your brand as a sponsor. I have passionate team members and the interest of the St. Louis Laugh Lounge Comedy Club to host part of the preliminary rounds at their location. I even have the opportunity to have part of the event at one of our local college campus. Harris Stowe State University would be a great location to have part of the Comedy Festival event. It will be our location for other fundraisers for this event and other future events with your help. The Marriott Grand Hotel and The City Place Hotel is interested in being the lounging location for our visitors. I have submitted a RFP (request for proposal) to have the final events at the St. Louis Convention Center and Dome. My RFP was accepted and they are willing to pre-sale tickets and promotional items to help cover the cost of renting the Dome. Ticket set up for the Comedy Festival will also be taken care of. This will happen as soon as a date is locked in with a small down payment and the signing of the contract.

    Having your company as one of our 400+ vendors or one of our sponsors will help this event become one of St. Louis annual grand events. I would like to collaborate with other comedy clubs and promoters across the United States to find the funniest comedians in their area. I know many comedy promoters that want to get started finding one comedian to send to St. Louis by having a comedy competition in their city. It will be a small competition with no more than 10 contestants also per show. My team and I will do a tour to other Comedy Competitions around the country to find talent for our event. I would like to keep whoever organize a small comedy competition in their city on board with us for years to come with a collaboration agreement. I'm offering to advertise your brand at these events in some of my sponsorship packages. The comedians will wear the sponsors brand on their event passes, t-shirts and other promotional gear of the "Show Me Funny" Comedy Festival. The comedians can pay their own way to the festival but that would be costly for most comedians. I want to travel to many cities to find the funniest comedians at comedy club and venues that promote comedy events. My team members and I are in position to travel and is ready to hit the road to promote!! As mentioned earlier many promoters are interested in organizing a pre comedy competition to collaborate with my festival to find a contestant. The plan is to visit at least two cities per state to find the funniest comedians for the "Show Me Funny" Festival.

    The current economic crisis has been a big financial "game-changer" for many Americans. It's harder for the community organizations to give help in the community these days. I wish to have many non profit organizations as vendors at the festival to help them raise funds for their organizations. I'm asking the for-profit vendors to connect with non-profits of their choice if they would like to support one. If a vendor support a non profit organization they will get a discount on the vendor fee. Having this event will draw up-and-coming and well-known comedians to St. Louis to entertain while helping worthy causes. When it come to comedy people want to see nationally well-known celebrity guests, hosts and judges. I know over 2000 comedians myself and many of them are well-known. We would like to honor a Legendary Comedian each year of this event. The first year of this event is to pay tribute to the late great Comedian, Dick Gregory who passed away on August 19, 2017. Many well-known comedians and others would want to come to St. Louis just for that part of the event. A local artist by the name of Erik Shelton is working on many special art pieces for this event. We plan to do tributes to Mr. Gregory at the Comedy Festival and the Guinness World Record attempt.

    See the website link for vendor fees of the 8 x 8 spaces, 10 x 10 spaces, the 12 x 12 spaces and largest spaces available. These fees are for two days of the Comedy Festival finals. I've heard from some well-known celebrities interested in participating in this history making event as vendors to raise funds for a cause they stand up for. Many want to be a host and I plan to have a different host each show. Some well-known speakers are interested in attending also. Dr. Steve Perry is willing to send a pre recorded speech to be played if his schedule don’t permit him to attend. Having many celebrity involvement will help to attract a large audience for this Comedy Festival. The Guinness event will bring in over 68,000 people. By including the raffle as a pay-it-forward to help many who attend with rent or mortgage assistance will definitely draw a crowd! Having sponsors, vendors, Guinness World Record judges and the help of the St. Louis Convention Center will most definitely bring this Comedy Festival full circle! 

    Thank you in advance for helping make Comedy History and a Difference!

    Marshelle Woodland

    My name is Marshelle Woodland, a St. Louis Comedian with a focus on using comedy to make a difference in the lives of many. I am the organizer of the Midwest "Show Me Funny" Comedy Festival. I'm organizing this event to be an annual event to help and heal through laughter. The tentative date for the festival to begin is the end of June 2019. I would like to begin searching for contestant for the comedy competition part of the festival as soon as possible.

    I fell in love with comedy at a young age and finally hit the stage as a stand up comedian in the mid 80's. I was inspired to take the stage when I was in college after watching Cedric the Entertainer doing stand up comedy. We attended Southeast Missouri State University together. Many times over the years I attended large Comedy Competitions and wanted to start my own here in St. Louis, Missouri. Well I did finally start my own and my first time organizing a Comedy Competition was in 2010. I donated some of the money made from that event to the Women's Safe House and the Family Resource Center. That year 35 comedians visited St. Louis and many of them ask when will I have another one. I tried a few times over the years but was unsuccessful at pulling it off the way I vision it to be. I always wanted to do a Comedy Festival that would bring a large crowd to my city and use the event to help raise funds for many causes, especially for ending homelessness for many people. I am passionate about the homeless cause because I too have been homeless many times in my life and know what is needed to help get many out of this situation. It takes team work and caring hearts to make a difference and I have both. 

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