Pelican ll Solo Across The Atlantic

Atlantic Ocean
Sat, Dec 12 - Sat, Jan 23 2021

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Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean
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It's the premier event in ocean rowing – The Talisker whisky Atlantic challenge is the worlds toughest rowing race, that will take me more than 3000 Miles west from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain (28oN 18oW) to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda (17oN 61oW). The race is attended by up to 30 teams from solo, pairs, trio's and fours, participating from around the world. 

My name is Lennie Hardingham and in December 2020 I will be rowing and racing solo in a 26' ocean rowing boat called Pelican ll. This event attracts an array of media and publicity from all over the world and is a great opportunity for anyone to be involved. 

I have many years of adventure travel behind me and have been preparing for this race since March 2018 and I raise the bar each time. I intend to win my race class and use it to build my profile as an asset for my own company and my sponsors and sponsors of future ventures.  

I will also be raising money for environmental charities to help them raise awareness of ocean pollution.

Being involved in this inspiring and exciting event is a fantastic opportunity to get your company noticed and stand out.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

This is one of the worlds elite and toughest challenges and a understandable attaction to many sponsorships. The events energy and adventure makes it a perfect way to have your company be submerged with inspiration and endevour. 

The event has partners such as National geographic, who are the offiial broadcast partner. Vestas the official data partner and Virgin Atlantic the official travel partner. 

The teams who participate have had a range of sponsors From The Sun, To Nokia and it continues to attract large companies who relish in the atmosphere of this tournament. Over 80 Million people have watched, Atlantic challenge documentaries

There are over 2,500 articles printed and posted online. Over 30 national news paper articles. 

The are many hours of coverage on the BBC, This morning, Sky News and during The boat race. 

Each year this events increases in size and becomes more viewed and covered by media. The teams sponsorships increase and it becomes more competative and lucrative. 

I seek sponsors who are has driven as myself to get the most from this opportunity and to create partnerships that succeed. 

Please feel free to contact me: 
















This package is mainly for businesses and will give you a chance to get involved in this event. You will have your logo on website and a small logo on Oars to show your support.



Bronze Package

This package will help with high protein and calorie foods and or bottled water for the entire event. Also equipment such as oars, electrical equipment, emergency products, satellite phone etc or training. In exchange for your logo and company pitch to be shown on Website and social media and 1 x 30x30 cm on Pelican ll, ocean rowing boat.



Silver Package

For this you will have your logo and company pitch to be shown on Website and social media. Also your logo on 2 x 45x45cm of space on the Pelican ll ocean rowing boat.



Gold Package

This is for a major sponsor. Includes Interviews, Prime slot for advertisement on Adventures earth TV and website and social media page. Unlimited PR as you see fit to promote. Also 45% coverage of Pelican ll ocean rowing boat.

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My name is Lennie Hardingham. Born in Islington, London I have spent most of my working life as a truck driver. I was born with an adventurous side and it developed with age and of course experience. 

After many years travelling with a rucksack strapped to my back I discovered overlanding, where you take a vehicle and drive it through multiple countries and get into depth with the real side of travel, It was the best way to see the world and share my experiences and knowledge. So I began to organise and participate in overland events throughout the world. Eg, London to Mongolia or London to Capetown. My experience became such that I started working with overland companies in South America and Africa, Leading and planning Tours for them.

I believe that wisdom is gained through experience and when people travel by seeing, doing and learning with other cultures and viewing the world from many perspectives, appreciation then developes or grows. 

Never stop learning and always improve, so here I am, preparing to row across the second largest ocean on earth, why? Firstly to grow. secondly to increase my assets and profile for my business venture, that will fulfill my vision for travel and adventure and belief that raising appreciation for our planet will ony improve it. 

During writing My first book, The philosophy of overland travel, I realise that the passion inside me for adventure and developement was to strong to contain and a need to share and inspire others was a must and the more people I share it with the more exciting it gets. 

Every adventure I participate in or create, I am driven not just to succeed but to create a specticle and stand out. You've got to think anyway, so think big and think great..  

It would be a pleasure to talk with you and discuss your involvement. 

Please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you